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Do You Need an Outstanding Wooden Floor Restoration & Sanding Contractor in Hounslow?

Our team can combat even the most damaged wooden boards at your home or workplace. With a highly experienced and thoughtful team, we turn battered old surfaces into beautiful shades of contoured timber. With our exceptional services, we can make your home cleaner and brighter for many years to come.

Our goal is to redesign your flooring so that it blends in with your interior decoration. To achieve this, we will visit your home and make an initial assessment of your existing floors. This is when we will confirm the total amount of sanding we will need to perform, which will be tailored to your personal preferences. We will endeavour to finish your reflooring project as quickly as possible to minimise any disruption on your behalf.

Enhance your home all year long with our expert services

Well sanded boards will not only make your home more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also provide plenty of practical benefits. For example, with our gap filling technique, we can fill in any holes in your floorboards to insulate your home during the colder months. Enjoy more relaxation time and less cleaning as tiring chores like dusting and hoovering become the simplest of tasks. You’ll also find that common daily jobs, like clearing up spilt drinks or removing dog hairs, will be much easier to endure and significantly less stressful.

To guarantee the best results, we would not advise anybody to take on the responsibility of reflooring their home without sufficient experience. The restoration processĀ is a rigorous task and requires a lot of commitment in terms of time, energy and patience. We believe it is wise to leave this job to people who have the knowledge and the time to finish the job punctually and efficiently.

If you’re thinking of moving house soon, consider our service as an excellent way to boost the value of your property. A beautiful, gleaming wooden floor is the perfect way to wow potential buyers and improve your prospects of a fast sale.

If you’re looking for a reputable company that understands the visions of its customers, contact us directly today for a free, no obligation quote. You can also find further information about some of our more specific reflooring methods, such as techniques like parquet tile sanding, by looking at the services section of

Local History

Hounslow is likely the last resting place of an Old English individual named Hund; the Old English word ‘hlaew’ meant ‘mound’ or ‘barrow’, making the full name of the area ‘Hund’s hlaew’, which has morphed over the centuries into ‘Hounslow’.

While town twinning is common, the concept of a ‘sister district’ might be new to many people. The town has a district sistership in place with Leningradsky District, which is in Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Closer to home, the town’s location on the River Thames’ Middlesex bank is particularly useful for anyone with links to the south-west of England, as the A30, also known as the Great South West Road, begins in the borough and runs all the way to Penzance.

Transport of another kind has seen the area grow rapidly in recent years, in particular the good accessibility of Heathrow Airport from the borough, and the population increased substantially towards the end of the 20th century.

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Simply fill the form and we'll come back to you asap.

If you would like to speak to someone about your floor needs right now please call us on
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