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Do You Need Professional Wood Floor Sanding Contractors in Kingston?

As a leading floorboard renovation company in London, we know reflooring is more than just restoring a set of wooden boards. Our workers see it as a unique opportunity to refine your home and restore a sense of peace and simplicity back in your life.

We have the passion and the drive to tackle even the most challenging situations. We have extensive experience in sanding boards that have been subject to significant levels of deterioration For example, if your wooden decks contain a large number of gaps and have lost their natural beauty, we will apply an effective gap filling technique before coating the timber with our high quality varnish. With this method, your floors will exhibit their natural, smooth textures, beautifying your indoor environment for years to come.

Perhaps your decking needs a simple polish or a more specialist parquet tiling restoration service to revive the natural charm of your hardwood surfaces. Whatever you require, we can start the process quickly and efficiently. After carrying out a detailed survey of your flooring, our team will handle all of your enquiries and provide clear responses to any questions or concerns you may have during the initial consultation and the overall process itself.

Why you should hire professionals

We know how gruelling this form of renovation can be and how long the entire process can take, even for the most experienced professional. In fact, we would discourage anyone from attempting to replace their own wooden floorboards unless they had significant experience in this area. This is particularly important if your objective is to increase the value of your home in order to sell your property. With our skills, we will make sure your flooring is in a pristine condition before you arrange any viewings for prospective buyers.

Our floor sanding and polishing will make your home interior look more immaculate than ever before. Whether you are simply in search of a cleaner, more peaceful living environment or a way to raise the value of your home, we can help. To learn more about what we can provide and how we can transform your home, contact us now and we’ll give you a free quote, with no obligation. The services section on also provides more details on our core techniques and the methods we use to achieve outstanding results.

Local History

Kingston upon Thames is easy to spot on a map of the capital, jutting out from the otherwise fairly straight south western edge of the Greater London region.

If its name sounds particularly royal, then that’s well deserved – it saw seven coronations in the 10th Century alone, beginning with Edward the Elder in 900AD and ending with Ethelred the Unready in 979 AD.

You can see a modern-day tribute to these kings in the form of the Coronation Stone, believed to be the stone on which the seven kings each stood during their ceremonies and into which are set coins from each of their reigns.

More recently, Kingston has found a renaissance as a sizeable shopping region, with independent retailers particularly well represented in the borough. Bentalls has stood in Clarence Street since 1867 and remains among the borough’s best-known retail brands.

Even more recently than that, the borough’s Richmond Park went viral in a certain YouTube video that starred Fenton the Labrador and a herd of startled deer.

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Simply fill the form and we'll come back to you asap.

If you would like to speak to someone about your floor needs right now please call us on
0207 381 9408.




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