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Wood Floor Restoration
The Floor Sanding Experts offer the full professional service covering every stage of wood floor restoration. Restoration is the complete overhaul for floors that are damaged (as opposed to a surface renovation). Damage occurs through wearing, improperly fitted boards or simply boards that have excessively aged with time.
We repair damaged areas by lifting the damaged floors, securing loose boards, and refitting or replacing old boards or parquet blocks – and then regluing.

Wood floor sanding prepares the floors for resealing. Sanding is the mechanical removal of the existing protective layer of your floor – be it varnish, oils or wax – and makes its surface smooth, clean and flat.

The floor may then be stained – to change the floor colour – and sealed with either varnish, lacquer, natural wax or oils.

All these methods and products have advantages depending on your needs. Contact us for a no obligation assessment so that we can demonstrate their different qualities to you.

As a family firm, we’re here to help with friendly, no pressure advice. We want to make sure you get what you want from your floors.

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Wooden floors are a great alternative for your home or office flooring. With use, these floors become dull, worn and lose its pleasing appearance. Wood floor restoration becomes essential when the wood gets damaged. The sealed surface might be fine in such a case and only the wood gets marked. This situation requires restoration work to be carried out in order to bring back the elegant look of the wood floor.

Need for Wood Floor Restoration

There may be situations where the surface of the wood erodes to the point, where the wood remains unprotected and revealed. If any soil gets into the exposed area, then it will stain the wood. Any spillages can also flow into the wood, staining it directly. This cannot be removed and cleaned easily. Wooden floor restoration needs to be done in order to restore the floor to its former shape.

Restoration Process

A professional needs to be called for, to do the wood restoration process, if the wood floor surface gets worn out. They essentially do the wood sanding process that involves removing a thin layer of the wood equally, in order to bring back the original condition. A sealant is also used to keep the wood floor safe. If this is done in accordance, then in future any other work can be restricted to buffing and polishing.

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