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2012 Surge in Remodelling Homes

Posted on February 4th, 2013 In: Articles, Wood Floor Renovations Articles

With the economic downturn and associated financial pressures making it more and more difficult for people to obtain mortgages and to move home generally, homeowners have instead decided to improve rather than move. Consequently the National Association of Home Builders has released figures which suggest that 2012 has seen the sharpest increase in private home improvement since 2004. This trend looks set to continue at least until 2015.Dustless Floor Sanding is easy with the latest Bona Machines

With many young adults being forced to remain in the family home, many UK home owners have opted for the extension or ‘granny flat’ addition. There are also a higher percentage of people working from home in self-employed and Internet positions, which has increased requirements for that extra room, conservatory or garden office.

Hardwood is very often the wood covering of choice for a new room, and this is especially true for exterior buildings, gazebos and conservatory areas that see a lot of sunlight. Hard-wearing and robust yet pleasing to the eye and matching with any style of décor, hardwood flooring will last a lifetime and as such has enjoyed mass resurgence as home owners think twice about moving.

Hardwood flooring for any type of room

To give the feeling of additional space and to retain a professional feel, hardwoods are ideal for home and garden office premises. Wherever space is an issue, using wood flooring maximises area and whilst giving an uncluttered and clean look.

Garden offices have enjoyed increased popularity in 2012 as they offer a necessary separation from home and work life. Wood flooring gives the workspace a professional look as well as being welcoming for customers and clients who may visit.

Conservatories which double up as playrooms for the children benefit greatly from the installation of real hardwood floors. Unlike laminates, genuine hardwood flooring is robust and is much more forgiving when the inevitable spillages, scrapes, scores and scrapes happen. Little paws too can score and eventually lift away the veneer of laminate flooring making it necessary, in most cases, to replace the whole floor. Hardwoods can be buffed, stripped back and refinished to new again when they start looking a bit dull and lifeless.

Hardwood Floors Sanding is easy maintenance too. The floor will be happy with a dry sweep two or three times a week and with a moist (never dripping wet!) mop every six weeks or so. To enhance the life of any type of hardwood flooring it is essential to clear up any liquid spillages immediately, as puddles will seep between the floor boards to cause dampness and rot through time. Occasionally, maybe once a year or so, if the floor has particularly heavy traffic it may look a little dull and require a polishing. This is easily administered by use of a buffing machine.

Home improvement is certainly one way forward to attain additional home space without the expense of moving house. By choosing real wood floorFloor Sanding and Finishing Tips in Londoning you are adding value to your home as well as giving yourself and your family a beautiful wood floor to enjoy. For a real touch of elegance wood flooring matched with wood wall panelling sits perfectly in any style of décor. Lighten the feel by adding soft furnishings, ottomans and cushions or underline the business look by adding bookshelves and a desk of matching wood.

Hardwood flooring is in the main the perfect blank canvas on which the home owner can draw the purpose built room. There are also a wide range of non-toxic Floor Sanding and Finishing products to choose from if you would like to add a splash of colour in the shape of woodstain, dye and coloured varnishing.



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