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Beautiful Wood Flooring

Posted on May 13th, 2013 In: Articles, Wood Floor Repairs Articles

Real Wood Floor Sanding ServicesKeeping real wood floors beautiful is not only about regular maintenance and cleaning, or even sanding and refinishing. Having a perfect floor also means attention to detail. In many cases beautiful floors are marred by small but obvious flaws which have appeared in the wood over time. These blemishes may not be enough to warrant a complete refurbishment, but they can appear as discoloured and patchy areas around the room. These types of mark can be caused by over exposure to sunlight, spillages, high heels and general wear and tear.

If the floor has become uneven in colour throughout it is probably best to opt for a re-sanding. If, however, the wood is in the main still pristine then you can smarten up those trouble spot areas without too much trouble by doing one of three things.


 This option will only be effective if the floor has been refurbished within the last year or so and is not subjected to heavy traffic. Busy areas such as hallways and foyer entranceways are not suitable for restaining in this way.

Assuming then that the floor has sporadic stains and is not a bustling thoroughfare of the home then you can, if you know exactly what type of stain was put on the floor, apply this same stain lightly with the tip of a lint-free cloth, taking time to blend around the edges. Use the stain sparingly and don’t be tempted to slather the area with stain – remember that with woodstain less is always more.

Hand sand

 For stains which leave slightly raised marks e.g. hardened chewing gum, plaster, resin etc. you can use a fine grain sandpaper and gently rub at the stain before cleaning and restaining the area as above.

For those little puncturing indents made by stiletto heels, again you could hand sand them out, fill and restain. One caveat though: if the heel marks are many or well ingrained then the only thing to do is to go for the complete sanding and refinishing option. If you find you are in this position then you could invest some time and absolutely no cash money in a free floor assessment and quotation service from a specialist floor sanding company.

Iron out those dents

This is an old-fashioned method of removing (if not entirely then at least sizeably) indentations in wood. It works by placing a thin towel over the dents and ironing over the cloth with a steam iron. Keep the iron moving for at least three minutes before inspecting it and repeating the process. You may have to do this several times to achieve the best result.  Remember if you want to try this one that the finish of the wood may become discoloured by the steam.

Floor Sanding and Refinishing CompanyBecause certain types of wood, notably walnut, oak and cherry do tend to change colour through time, this may be the normal aging process of your flooring and one you can do very little about. This is a natural aspect of the wood and many people choose these wood types specifically for their definitive look.

If your floor has what can be called ‘bald spots’ it is usually indicative that the floor has been over sanded (particularly in the case of engineered wood flooring which only has a veneer of real wood) or it has been inexpertly refinished during its last makeover.

Generally speaking balding can be successfully camouflaged for a time by going darker on the stain, although there will come a time when specialist care should be sought.

Wood floor repair is a real asset in any type of property, adding to both the monetary and the aesthetic value of the home so it is an investment worth doing when you spend time and money (or both) on keeping beautiful wood flooring looking great.



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