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Floor Sanding Tips – The Essentials

Posted on April 22nd, 2014 In: Floor Sanding Articles

floor sandingSanding your wooden floor can be a daunting task. While the result, if done properly, is a rejuvenated, and reinvigorated floor, it is equally easy to make mistakes and end up with your floor in a worse condition than when you started. There are a number of ‘how to’ guides available online, but many do not focus on the tips and tricks which can help you to avoid making the aforementioned mistakes, and leave you with a shiny new floor. As such, I have compiled my top tips to make sure that your floor sanding adventure doesn’t end in disaster.

Do I need the help of a professional?

Most guides to floor sanding give an in depth, step by step guide on how to sand and finish a floor yourself. However, this is not always a genuinely viable option, and sometimes it’s not the most appropriate. Hiring a professional to do the work will cost more for certain, but it will guarantee a certain standard of work in a much quicker amount of time. For some people who have kids, or pets, or perhaps need their work don e quickly, hiring someone is sometimes the best option. I don’t wish to discourage anyone from doing the work themselves, but before hiring equipment or preparing the space in your home, it is worth considering whether the DIY approach is the right one for you.

Preparation & safety

Preparing is everything when it comes to sanding your floor. If your room isn’t clear then you will run into trouble early on. Additionally, something many people forget to do is to remove curtains from the room. Modern sanders really don’t create as much dust as they used to, but there is still some, so you want to protect anything that could get damaged. On that note, a mask and eye protection are also a safety must, as dust particles can be very harmful to your health.

Respect the machines

While anyone can hire a sander from their local hire shop and get to work on their living room floor, it is the people who don’t fully respect the machines they hire that run into trouble. For example, take the drum sander. This is a highly powerful, industrial strength machine, capable of sanding floors in the home, or for larger areas including commercial properties, which means it can do as much damage as it can do good for your floor. Read and follow the instructions, and listen to the advice of professionals.

Know what you want

Every home is different, and every floor will need different factors to be considered. There are a multitude of options available to you, so it’s important to narrow this down to what you specifically want. For example, when you apply a finish, you may want to change the colour of the wood by applying a stain, but not all stains are compatible with every finish. Some other finishes are more durable like polyurethane, while others will give a less shiny, more matt finish like a wax based agent. If you know what you want, a professional has a much better chance of identifying the correct products for your needs, and helping you get the floor that you want.

While these tips may seem obvious, hundreds of people every year end up with flooring disasters because they didn’t consider these simple factors. By taking these ideas into account, you will undoubtedly stand a far better chance of successfully breathing new life into your old wooden floor.



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