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Go Green with Bamboo

Posted on November 26th, 2012 In: Articles, Floor Sanding Services Articles

Why choose bamboo?

In addition to making beautiful tableware, clothing, cosmetics and home and office furniture, bamboo is also an excellent choice for the eco-aware consumer looking for a viable alternative to hardwood flooring. Although bamboo is technically a grass plant and not a tree, it works very well as green-style flooring as it gives years of use, requiring only basic maintenance. It is also both environmentally and commercially sustainable.Floor Sanding Companies London

Bamboo flooring is made by stripping the bamboo away from the stalks, so that the plant remains alive. A bamboo plant which has been stripped takes between 5 -7 years to completely re-grow, making bamboo one of the most sustainable natural resources on the planet. Bamboo can grow comfortably in any temperate climate, including the UK.

In terms of flooring, bamboo is a natural choice. It is robust, adaptable, hard wearing enough for high traffic rooms and aesthetically pleasing. If these are not reasons enough to make bamboo your natural flooring of choice then consider the cost. In addition to the benefit of using sustainable materials to reduce carbon emissions, choosing bamboo flooring can represent an economical saving too, as it is considerably cheaper than traditional hardwood flooring. This is especially true if you opt for the increasingly available European bamboo.

Natural bamboo is a soft, pastel colour, which can lighten further if it is exposed to sunlight. If you would prefer your bamboo flooring not to be affected by sunlight then place it in darker rooms or simply re-finish your bamboo flooring every 2 years or so.

Maintenance & care

Bamboo flooring in the main is as easy to maintain as any other flooring type. Children’s toys, pet paws, stiletto heels, heavy furniture and high traffic all bring challenges to any type of floor, and bamboo is no different. However, bamboo is tough enough to be swept, vacuumed and wet mopped, although as with any wooden flooring always avoid over-wetting the floor.

When you purchase your toxin-free bamboo flooring make sure it has been CE endorsed. This means that the product has been responsibly sourced and fully inspected, and has passed the EU regulations for health and safety.

Bamboo – the healthy flooring choice

Ready-to-lay bamboo flooring will have received several topcoats of anti-scratch mark veneer and UV coating by the manufacturer for additional strength and shine. As well as making your floor look and feel great, this finishing is also a natural dust repellant that makes it safe for use in a home where there are asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

Bamboo flooring is generally available in the popular natural colour or exotic black bamboo and in either gloss or matt finish. Bamboo flooring is available in tongue and groove for easy fitting and can be obtained in wider-than-the-norm plank size for that tropical-look finish.

Recent technological advances have meant that bamboo floor sanding tips has become more viable than ever before. With so many excellent bamboo suppliers now available across Europe and the UK, bamboo no longer has to be hauled from the other side of the world, making it environmentally and economically sustainable for UK homes and business premises. When you purchase bamboo flooring from a reputable dealer you can expect to receive a guarantee as you would with hardwood.

Enhance your home with bamboo flooring and you’ll be glad you did. Bamboo brings life to any type of room, although it is best to avoid using bamboo in shower rooms, bathrooms or where there is a high level of moisture or humidity in the air. Bamboo flooring is eminently suitable for children’s rooms, hallways, kitchens, dining rooms and conservatories, and is also one of the best outdoor flooring materials you can buy, making it incredibly versatile as well as eco-friendly.



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