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Hardwood: A Floor for All Seasons

Posted on November 10th, 2012 In: Articles, Hardwood Floors Sanding Articles

Hardwood flooring is recognised as the flooring of choice for millions of people in the UK and all over the world. Hardwood flooring, with minimum maintenance and care, can easily withstand a century of use, outlasting even the most durable marble and highest quality carpeting. Hardwood floors look good in any type of domestic setting and commercial premises. Top class hotels have long understood the opulent yet welcoming impression of a well-polished hardwood floor and have used this type of flooring in reception areas and foyers for generations.

Once synonymous with tropical climes, the hardwood floor was for many years considered ‘too cold’ for UK homes before enjoying a well-deserved revival over the last few decades. The hardwood range comes in a variety of natural finishes and grain and homeowners can enjoy sturdy oak flooring, warm burnished mahogany and light, clean pine with many more wood choices available.

Whatever the time of year, this article sets out to show that hardwood flooring retains, style, grace and practicality whatever the season.


Often the great British spring time can bring with it some showery days, making for a soggy season. Don’t worry, as hardwood flooring can be dried much more easily than carpet with no residual water stains. Hardwoods make for easier cleaning, especially if you have young children or pets in the home. Make those springtime raindrops disappear in no time with a dry mop and banish damp smelling, water marked carpets forever.


Hardwood floors bring cool comfort during hot, humid summer days. With polished hardwoods you can enjoy the comfort of warm, sun-kissed wood on bare feet. Children enjoy playing on a sunny hardwood floor with their toys and games and pets love to bask in any sun-spots they can find.


When autumn leaves start to fall and are dragged into the house on the bottom of wet boots and shoes, a hardwood floor proves again that it is the easiest flooring medium to clean. Dry leaves can be simply brushed away with a soft bristled brush or lightly vacuumed. When it comes time to wash the floor use a damp mop with any excess moisture squeezed out. The hardwood flooring dries quickly and evenly leaving a streak-free finish whatever the weather.


Whilst it is undeniable that cold winter weather brings with it a long trail of muddy, sludgy foot marks and paw prints stretching from December to February and sometimes beyond, one of the beauties of finished hardwood is how simple it is to clean. Sweeping, vacuuming and even polishing are easy and quick jobs which beautifully restore the look and elegance of your floor. Remember to keep a large mat by the door where the family can throw off boots, wellies and shoes before coming into the house.

The best time to install your wood floor

If you are thinking of installing a real wood floor then the best time of year to do this is, surprisingly, winter. This is because the cold air stops the boards from swelling (as they will do naturally in summer) so when they are laid they will not move when the warm weather comes, thus avoiding those annoying wood squeaks and groans.

Hardwood flooring is a win-win every time

Whatever the time of year then, hardwood flooring requires very little maintenance and is robust and strong enough to withstand all weathers. It actually costs very little to properly and regularly maintain a hardwood flooring, requiring only a mop, bucket, hardwood floor cleaner and a little elbow grease.

In addition to these obvious advantages, remember that 95% of UK estate agents acknowledge that the installation of hardwood flooring adds value to any home. So whether you are in your forever home or would like to move on at some future date, invest in a quality hardwood floor now and reap the benefits for many years to come.



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