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Recoating a Floor with a Lacquered Finish

Posted on July 22nd, 2013 In: Articles, Wood Floor Polishing Articles

Homeowners who seek a low cost, low maintenance yet stunningly beautiful finish for all wood floor types choose a lacquer finish. Once associated with a highly polished sheen, lacquer also comes in a fine matt finish and looks great on any type of solid wood flooring.

Recoating a Hardwood FloorsLacquer is one of the most hardwearing floor finishings available, making it perfect for busy through rooms such as living rooms, halls and dining rooms. A lacquer finished floor is also tough enough to withstand the bumps and scrapes of toys, pet claws and other small abrasions that naturally occur in family homes.

A dulled lacquer floor sanding company london can most easily be recoated by screening off a portion of the original finishing before applying a fresh coat of satin or matt lacquer. If however the floor has been finished with varnish or woodstain then this must be removed entirely before a new layer of lacquer can be applied. To apply lacquer on top of an existing finishing will lead to a blotchy and patchy mess which will be difficult to put right. Avoid this situation by removing the existing topcoat by sanding and applying new lacquer finishing to an evenly sanded and smooth floor.

Busy homes choose a lacquer finish

The reason lacquer is so hard wearing is because, unlike other finishings such as oil and varnish, lacquer is not absorbed into the wood but remains on top of the wood offering more immediate and tougher protection. The downside of the lacquer finish is that when it does become scratched and scored it tends to dull down fairly quickly in those areas. One of the many upsides of choosing lacquer is the invention of the handy lacquer pen, which is great for removing stand-alone scratches and marks. Of course, this is impractical for use on an entire floor, but is the perfect quick and easy solution for small marks. The lacquer pen will also not be effective if the marks are deep.

Sanding first

Hardwood Floors with a Lacquered FinishSand the existing veneer away with a walk-through sanding machine, which is easily available for hire from most plant hire shops. Make sure you are entirely familiar with the machine before using it as a heavy hand whilst sanding can and will cause gouges and marks on the wood. An average sized room should take about three sandings, after which it should be thoroughly vacuumed and mopped to remove all dust and grit particles.

When the floor is completely dry and feels smooth and level then it is time to move on to the next stage.

Recoating second

Apply lacquer finishing with a good quality paintbrush and using strong, even strokes along the boards and never against the wood’s natural grain. A medium to large sized room can be lacquered by using a paint roller leaving a perimeter around the edge which you will finish with a brush.



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