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Refresh Your Wood Floor in time for Winter

Posted on September 18th, 2013 In: Articles, Floor Sanding Articles

Every solid wood flooring will require refinishing eventually and what better time to do so that before the winter rock salt, grit and sand gets trekked across the boards on snowy boots? A thorough sanding and refinishing will add a protective veneer to the floor and act like a seal to save the wood from damaging winter weather.

One of the first signs that a floor needs refreshing is the appearance of patchy discolouration areas, which are caused by the bare wood boards becoming exposed through normal wear and tear. If your floor has such patches do not waste time (or money) on screening or buffing. The only real solution is to re-sand and apply new finishing.

Refresh Your Wood FloorThe up-side is of course that a decent sanding and refinishing procedure can easily last a decade or more if the floor is properly maintained throughout. This being the case, it is not really so much of an expense and is an upheaval worth undertaking, and when your floor looks magnificent and beautiful again you will be glad you did.

Usual case scenario is that the more walked on the floor is, the quicker it will require a refinishing. But it is always worth taking a little extra care at the onset of the winter months to ensure your floor is protected. Start by placing mats at door and porch entrances to collect outdoor boots, umbrellas and snow slush. Teach children to remove outdoor clothing in this specific area and avoid any kind of outdoor shoes on the floor. Similarly, it is a good idea to train pets to wait until paws have been dried off before entering the house, but this may prove a little more challenging, especially if you have cats!

Hallways are hardest hit

Whilst it is more often than not that hall flooring receives the most punishment during winter, if the design of the home is co-joined with hall flooring merging with stairs and upper landing for example, it might be best to consider refinishing the whole area for reasons of consistency rather than the hallway alone. Separate rooms however can easily be worked on independently of other areas since the door acts as an effective room divider.

Whilst refreshing wood flooring is a necessary task, choosing to do in time for winter is a good plan. What better time to introduce a new care and maintenance plan with family members than when everyone is indoors for the colder weather? This can be carried on into the following year, thus lengthening the life of the floor and the time between refinishings.

Sanding and refinishing sounds like a lot of work and it would be untrue to state that anyone can do it. If you are not an active DIY individual with a bit of joinery know-how under your belt then it would be unwise to attempt a sanding and refinishing yourself. Instead, obtain a free estimate from a knowledgeable floor sanding specialist company who can assess your floor and its current state accurately.

Refinishing Wooden FlooringSanding is unavoidably messy, although hi-tech sanding machines do go a long way to alleviate residual dust and noise. Always wear appropriate safety clothing as well as goggles, ear defenders and gloves.

When the floor has been sanded two or even three times and is smooth and blemish free throughout then the next stage is refinishing.

Refinishing is necessary as both a sealant and as the final touch to the floor. It is this process which brings the floor up to a beautiful and healthy shine. There are many finishing products to choose from so whatever your d├ęcor or room function you will find a finishing to suit your style.



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