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Rejuvenating Hardwood Flooring in your London Home

Posted on January 23rd, 2013 In: Articles, Hardwood Floors Sanding Articles

Bring your hardwoods back to life with a little know-how and a fair bit of physical effort. If you have some DIY and/or carpentry knowledge you can successfully bring the zing back to tired old flooring. Many older-style homes, particularly in London, have been built with real wood floors and with hardwoods enjoying renewed popularity within UK homes it is no surprise than many London homeowners are electing to return their wood floors to their original beauty, rather than hide them under carpets or other flooring.floor-sanding-and-restoration-london

The successful restoration of Hardwood Floors Sanding depends upon carrying out the process carefully and without cutting corners. If you would like to bring the sparkle back to your wood floor but feel unable to complete the process yourself then perhaps you should consider treating your floor to some specialist care. Choose a reputable wood floor company in London that offers a no obligation, pressure-free quotation and assessment of your floor’s current condition.

Because hardwoods generally offer between 20-50 years service before needing a bit of a revamp, if your floor is older than this then chances are it is crying out for some TLC. If you are thinking of tackling this job yourself then the first thing you need do is to hire an industrial sanding machine. This will probably be either a drum or a belt sander. You will also require a hand-held edging sander to get into those small areas that the machine is unable to reach.

The process of hardwood floor rejuvenation

When the room is fully cleared of furniture, fittings and fixings sweep and/or vacuum the area thoroughly looking out for nail and tack protrusions, gaps, loose or damaged planks and any other defects. These must all be repaired or replaced before sanding commences.

If the floor is in fairly good condition then it is probably only slightly discoloured on top with healthy wood below. If this is the case it will become highlighted after sanding. Sanding works by skimming the surface layer away to leave fresh wood below. It is vital that you sand across the grain of the boards with a steady and smooth motion. Over-sanding any area will cause unsightly ruts and bevels in the planks. And unfortunately the only way to rectify that situation is to replace them.

When you hire the sander you will of course purchase sandpaper to use in the machine. A room which has not been sanded for many years will require the coarsest grain of sandpaper initially. For the second sanding you can then use paper of a finer grain.

When the sanding is complete carefully remove all dust particles and small shards of wood by sweeping or vacuuming the area carefully. Make sure you use a vacuum attachment to get in between the boards. Do not use a wet mop at this stage.

When your floor has received its final sanding the boards will look and feel smooth. You will be able to rub your hand across each board feeling it perfectly even with no shards or dust grains sticking to your fingers.

Applying the topcoat

This part of the process is every bit as important as sanding. Many a well sanded floor has lost its beauty due to an amateur looking finish! Whatever type of veneer you select – varnish, woodstain, lacquer etc – always apply sparingly and in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.

All finishing products should be introduced to the floor in small areas and by hand. Use a lint-free cloth for best results. Avoid making puddles on the floor, and spillages must be cleared up immediately. Always keep a window open when working with floor finishing products.

The rejuvenation of any Hardwood Floor Sanding should never be rushed. Give yourself plenty of time as the process is likely to take, including drying time, between 3 – 5 days to complete.



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