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Successful Floor Sanding – Floor Sanding Experts

Posted on December 17th, 2012 In: Articles, Wood Floor Restorations Articles

wooden-floor-restoration-londonIf your hardwood floor looks dull and lacklustre then it’s time to give it a revamp and the only way to bringing a real zing back to your floor is by giving it a makeover. Any specialist wood floor makeover consists of sanding, repair and refinishing and as the sanding process is the foundation of the floor, it has to be perfect so the finished floor is perfect too.

Start Right

Successful floor sanding begins with clearing the room of not only furniture but curtains, light shades, skirting boards, rails and, if it calls for it, door surrounds. This is because the sanding machine must be able to gain access to as much of the room as possible. If there are areas it cannot access the you will need to get up close and personal with an orbital sander or, for those really tiny areas, hand held sandpaper!

Unless you are a wood floor craftsman it is unlikely that you will have a floor sander to hand. Any good plant hire will let you have a drum sander but make sure you understand the instructions for use completely before using the sander on your floor. Many floors have been ruined by inexpert sanding techniques which can often be expensive to put right.

Do the prep

Before beginning, examine the floor for any protruding nails, wood shards, gaps or otherwise damaged boards, all of which must be removed before sanding. Start the process by sanding along the grain of the boards, never against. Leave about a 12-inch border around the room as this area is best worked on by hand with the orbital sander to ensure you get flush to the edges. When you have finished sanding the wood will look considerably lighter in appearance and have a smooth and dry texture.

If you cannot do it yourself

If however you discover boards being eaten by woodworm or have rot setting in then it would probably be cost effective at this point to call in the experts for a quote. This situation is more likely to occur if the floor has been covered for many years by carpet or has had boards moved and/or replaced incorrectly. Again if you discover that boards need to be replaced then contact the professionals to successfully match your board using reclaimed lumber materials. Another instance where you will require specialist intervention is if the joists below the floor are weak, rotten or sagging.

Assuming all is well thus far however, the next stage is to sweep or lightly vacuum the residual dust before inspecting the floor for flaws, nails and damaged boards which the sanding process may have highlighted. When these have been removed you can sand a second time. This helps integrate any repairs you have made so that they do not stand out like a sore thumb when the floor is finished.

The successful floor sanding job

A successfully sanded floor is not an overnight process for the amateur and you would be wise to give yourself at least a weekend to complete the job (as well as another weekend to finish it). Wood floor restoration is not something you should cram into timescale no matter how busy you are. If time is an issue, leave it until a future date or obtain a no obligation quotation from a floor sanding specialist company.

However if the sanding process is successfully carried out, with all repairs undertaken then the next stage is the finishing process by which time, you should have selected your finishing of choice.

Whilst floor sanding can be an immensely satisfying task, if you do not feel 100% confident in your DIY abilities or if you have little time to spare, then consider having your floor sanded professionally, which could well save you a fortune in the long run.



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