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Successfully Refinishing Parquet Flooring

Posted on September 9th, 2013 In: Articles, Floor Sanding Articles

From a refurbishment point of view, the main difference between solid wood flooring and parquet is that with parquet the grain runs in different directions. Whilst you can use an industrial sander on parquet, the delicate motif patterns might be better served by an orbital or other type of hand help tool that can easily be controlled along the small sections of the tiles.

Refinishing Parquet FlooringWhilst there can be no doubt that refinishing a parquet flooring restoration company can be more complicated than working on traditional wood flooring, it is a job worth doing properly as refinished parquet looks absolutely stunning and is an asset to any type of room. If your parquet is old then it is refurbishment is even more worthwhile as to install even the most basic parquet design at today’s prices can be prohibitively expensive. Parquet flooring therefore is a valuable addition to any home and should always be treated with care.

A makeover for your parquet

To this end then it is quite conceivable that you want to treat your floor to some TLC in the form of a professional makeover. If this is the case then you can have your parquet inspected free of charge by a specialist flooring team, who will evaluate the floor, its current condition and the care required to bring it back to its former beauty.

However, if you would like to undertake parquet restoration and refinishing yourself you can screen the floor or hand sand (both of which are less heavy on the floor than industrial sanders). Parquet also responds well to buffing which encourages that extra sparkle to the wood.

If the parquet pre-dates 1960s or is of an unusual design formation, it may be difficult to source replacement tiles. If you encounter this problem then check throughout the rest of the house, in cupboards and around fireplaces and see if there are any matching tiles secreted there which can be re-sited elsewhere in the room.

The most common 20th Century parquet patterns are the distinctive herring-bone, chevron and wood square design, although some fortunate home-owners have uncovered some tailor-made stunning parquet designs which make amazing centrepieces and are always a talking point. However, any parquet, regardless of design, looks beautiful if it is well cared for, clean and in good repair.

Sanding and finishing

After repair, sanding is the next item on the agenda to perfect parquet. Depending upon the size of the room, you can use a hand held sander, an orbital sander or by screening the floor. All of these methods are do-able for the clever DIY-er with some carpentry experience and bucketfuls of enthusiasm!

Successfully Refinishing Parquet FlooringAfter the sanding comes the finishing. Parquet looks very well when varnished with traditional clear varnish, but if the floor is old and has a dried out or blanched appearance, you can enrich its natural colour by applying a good quality wood stain or oil. This type of finishing should be applied in small areas, making it ideally suited to parquet tiling. Simply introduce a little of the product to the floor with a lint-free cloth, wiping it off immediately so that no residual product is allowed to lie on top of the tiles.

It is likely that the floor will require two or three coats of finishing and you must allow maximum drying time between coats. Refinishing is a slow process though but once which is worth it in the end when you are rewarded with a beautifully shiny and pristine parquet flooring.

Although all wood finishing products sold in the UK are toxin-free it is always wise to keep children, pets and the elderly away from the room being worked on and ensure a free flow of air throughout.



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