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Inimitable Cork Flooring

Posted on October 15th, 2012 In: Blog, Floor Sanding Services Blogs

Unlike most other woods Quercus Suber (also known as the cork tree), is unique in that cork material is created from the bark of the tree rather than from the wood itself, making cork products entirely sustainable and an extremely eco-friendly source of flooring.  No trees have to be cut down to provide cork flooring. Because cork can be used either as a subfloor i.e. a floor laid beneath the veneer covering to serve as a support, or as a top floor, it is one of the most versatile flooring materials around.

Robust, rot-proof and mildew-proof – and more

A quality cork floor, correctly treated, laid and finished will withstand rot, mildew and mould, and because the cork tree itself is both liquid and gas resistant, you can be sure that high quality cork flooring will last for many years. Professional flooring experts recommend using urethane-based compound materials for the best quality – and safest – finishing. Urethane does not emit toxins and is, when correctly treated, completely resistant to fire.

Ideal for keeping the heat in

Cork retains heat very well and you will be able to walk comfortably barefoot on your cork flooring at any time of year. Unlike tiles, cork flooring doesn’t mean chilly feet in winter. In addition to the warmth element, cork is a light material with plenty of flexibility. The properties of cork allows it move as you walk and spring back into shape afterwards. The suppleness of cork makes it an ideal floor choice for those who suffer from joint pain.

Cork – the original memory foam

Cork will always resume its original shape if an object is placed upon it so you need not fear of dents and bumps whenever you change the furniture around. Cork flooring is therefore perfect for high traffic areas of the home.

Are you convinced yet?

After Cork Floor SandingCork is one of the most robust floor choices out there and actually repels dust, making it the perfect flooring solution for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. With its inbuilt insect repellent properties, there is no danger of your cork flooring being nibbled at by pets or pests either. As well as giving you an attractive, durable and multi-tasking floor, the natural absorbency in cork helps to contain sound too.

Use cork flooring safely in any room although its many assets make it the best choice for children’s rooms, play areas, kitchens and bathrooms.

Easy maintenance

Keeping your cork flooring looking good is easy. Simply sweep the floor on a regular basis before using a lightly damp mop. Regular removal of dirt particles will help your cork floor to continue looking great.  If the veneer of your floor begins to look a little dull it can be refurbished to restore its new gleam and add years of life.

Cork flooring can be safely laid above a radiator heating system and it will act as an excellent heat retainer keeping the floor warm to the touch long after the heating has been turned off.

If you have discovered an aged cork flooring beneath layers of carpet it is possible, depending upon its prevailing condition, to restore the original cork flooring. If your flooring was installed during 1970s or before there is every chance that it will be been wax finished. If you are unsure of any aspect of the installation, maintenance or refurbishment of cork flooring contact your friendly flooring professionals for best advice.


In a nutshell, before deciding upon your materials, make sure the floor sanding, finishing methods and treatment of the cork are as you want them to be. Do this and your cork floor will give you years of service.



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