Wood Flooring Helps Asthma & Allergy Sufferers

Posted on September 17th, 2012 In: Blog, Floor Restoration Blogs

Even if your carpet is brand new did you know that the ‘new carpet’ smell comes from the chemicals the carpet has been treated with? So before the dust mites even get a chance to move in, your carpet is already exuding chemicals which cause allergic reactions in asthma sufferers.

So you remove the fitted carpets, away with the underlay and you decide to lay vinyl instead. Unfortunately did you know that vinyl is mostly manufactured from PVC and as such is one of the most major sources of toxic elements in the world today? There are suggestions that the softeners in PVC in particular are prone to emit these live chemicals.

Give ‘em no place to hide

It has been widely advertised that hardwood flooring, floating floor laminates and parquet flooring is ideal for people who suffer from allergies and in particular asthma sufferers. With the pesky dust mites finding fewer places to hide, the wood floor calls open season on house bugs and dust mites across the country.

Depending upon what your original flooring may be, you can choose to restore your original boards or select the laminate option. Laminate can be laid on top of your existing floor of any construction and offers the rich, classy look of hardwood without the price tag. If you choose to have your floor professionally laid these wood floor ninjas can have the job turned around for you in a matter of hours.

Because we only get what we pay for in this life, you should know that whilst the laminate flooring will give many years of service, not to mention asthmatic relief, it will not add value to your home. Choose a hardwood restoration job and that is exactly what you will get: beautiful flooring and additional thousands on to the current value of your home.

Depending upon what is important to you at this time, you can choose whichever suits. Whilst it is always recommended that hardwood floor restoration should be undertaken by those in the know it is also quite a good idea to have them lay your laminate too. Professionally laid flooring always looks right, especially at the corners, along the skirting and all those little places an amateurish style becomes apparent.

Your flooring, your choice

Once you have made your wood floor choice and have decided to seek professional aid or to go it alone then the first thing you will have to do is to dispose of those nasty old carpets and underlay. Hopefully it is not you who suffers the allergies!

Wood flooring not only is cleaner, it looks cleaner too and if you have young babies in the house or have children as frequent visitors it brings a peace of mind that your home is as clean and as safe as you can make it.

When you want to vacuum your wood floor (yes, you can vacuum but use a light machine that will not scratch and scrape your floor) do so carefully and remember the old-fashioned way when it comes time to get into the corners and use a soft cloth over a dry mop head.

Keeping wood floors clean is an easy science and in addition to the health aspect you will find it so easy to deal with pet hairs too so your floor is always looking great and you know it is clean all over. Children can safely play on your floor without concern and you have the additional benefit of doing right by your loved ones.



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