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What will convince you to go for a wooden floor?

Posted on September 10th, 2012 In: Blog, Floor Sanding Company Blogs

Wooden Floor Restoration Services LondonStill not convinced about replacing your soft carpets with the smooth elegance of a hardwood floor? If you’re just about at the end of your tether and ready to decide the matter on the toss of a coin, here are 8 very good reasons why you should choose a hardwood floor to grace your home, rather than carpets or any other type of flooring…

#1 – You’ve probably already got it!
Pull back the carpet and the underlay and what do you discover? Well, unless you live in a VERY old cottage with slate or stone floors, you’ll find a long-forgotten hardwood floor just waiting to be brought back to life. If you do need to install a new wooden floor then it’s a relatively easy procedure that a good floor sanding company will be able to do in a matter of days, or even hours!

#2 – Keep it clean…
Wooden flooring is so much easier to keep clean than carpeting, and it’s far more resilient to dirt, dust and even pet hairs. A quick wipe over with a damp mop and a monthly polish is all it takes to keep your wooden floor clean, hygienic and looking gorgeous.

#3 – Classy looks
Polished wooden floors simply scream class – as long as that sanding and polishing is done professionally! Once you’ve achieved that perfect polished look you’ll find that it raises the standard of your entire décor – particularly useful if you are in the process of selling your home.

#4 – Tough as nails…
Although you can get carpeting that is designed to be hard wearing, the trouble is that it looks…well, like a carpet that’s designed to be hard wearing rather than elegant or sophisticated. Wooden flooring keeps its classy looks but also has the benefit of being one of the most resilient surfaces you can have, even in high traffic areas such as hallways and stairs.

#5 – Pump up the value…
Market research has shown that homes with polished wooden floors are considered to be more desirable, and this can push the value of your home up considerably, showing a healthy return on your initial investment. So no matter what it costs to get your wooden floor looking perfect initially, the investment value easily outweighs the cost and can make all the difference if you’re trying to sell your property in what is still a relatively sluggish housing market.

#6 – A healthier environment
Wooden Floor Restoration Services LondonFor anyone who suffers from breathing difficulties, allergies or conditions such as asthma, carpeting can not only be problematic, it can be downright hazardous to your health. Many allergies are triggered by the presence of dust and particulates in the atmosphere, and carpets can make this situation much worse. Switching to wooden floors, which are easier to clean and leave no hiding place for dust and dirt, could actually create a healthier environment for you and your family.

#7 – Choose a look to suit you
Minimalist or traditional, cottage clutter or shabby chic – wooden floors are far more flexible than you realise and can form the focal point for almost any type of décor. Scan the interior design magazines and you’ll find a wealth of decorating ideas; all of which have a gorgeous polished or waxed wooden floor at their heart. And when you fancy a change, it’s as easy to transform your wooden floor as it is to change the colour on your walls.

#8 – Wooden floors just go on and on and on…
When your carpet starts to look a bit threadbare or the grouting around your tiles is starting to look a dirty grey instead of brilliant white, it can be an expensive process to replace or repair them. The beauty of a wooden floor is that it keeps its looks for longer with the minimum amount of maintenance. Wooden floors rarely need replacing (unlike carpets or vinyl flooring), so they can also save you money too.



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