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Daily Grind – April: Dad Blogs & DIYspirations

Posted on April 7th, 2016 In: Floor Sanding Blogs

Hello DIY devotees, designers and decorators, a warm, Springlike welcome back to the April edition of our Daily Grind round up. Each month we help keep wood flooring looking lovely in homes and premises across the country, but we also keep abreast of what’s going on in the DIY and interior design worlds online. Packed with inspiration, tips and ideas, the blogs we feature in our monthly round up have been hand-selected to get you thinking harder about hardwood and help you find your perfect flooring. So, without further ado…

This April: Get inspired to revamp your kitchen flooring with a very motivating post from Dad Blog UK, find out which types of wood work the best in different commercial and professional environments, PLUS get to know bloggers with a DIY interior design ethos.

Getting Handy with Dad Blog UK: The Kitchen Floor Update

John Adams of Dad Blog UK appears to be doing a damn good job of his kitchen flooring update. We love any blog which encourages readers to get stuck into creating their own environment, and John’s excellent blog is a prime source of the inspiration we all need to get a bit better at the practical stuff. In this post, John shares his kitchen revamp; replacing some tired old laminate with a stunning new laminate wood floor in light hickory Medera. Read more on his website to follow his thought processes and to learn more about doing it yourself. There’s even a vlog!

Which is the Best Wood for Workplaces?


All too often we bring you blogs all about flooring in the home. That’s why this week, we thought we’d share a post all about wood flooring in one of the spaces where many of us spend an awful lot of time – the workplace. Which wood works best at work? What properties does each variety have to offer in different professional spaces? Well, these are the sorts of questions this excellent blog from Wood & Beyond, published by 20six, has set out to answer. Keep reading on the 20six blog to weigh up the advantages of oak, walnut, pine, maple and bamboo

Meet & Greet: Bloggers with a DIY Design Ethos


We’ve been really enjoying Posh Flooring‘s Meet the Blogger series, which introduces readers to interior design-minded bloggers and takes a sneak peek into their homes, their style obsessions and their overall design ethoses. In this edition, Posh Flooring gets talking to Esther of Inside Out & About who shares everything from her pet peeves, to her inspirations. Lovely stuff!

Who are your favourite interior design bloggers? What type of flooring would improve your professional space? Have your say below.



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