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Daily Grind – July: Walnut Floors & Flooring Mistakes

Posted on July 7th, 2015 In: Floor Sanding Blogs

A warm, wooden welcome back to the Daily Grind, the Floor Sanding Experts’ dedicated place to share lots of great wood flooring news, views and how tos from around the world and web each month.

This month: Get a closer look at the wonder of walnut, find out how to fix light scratches without calling in the sanding specialists, avoid some of the biggest wood flooring errors and learn more about the differences between American and European oak.

How to Repair Light Scratches on Wood Flooring


Sometimes you only need a little bit of sanding to perfect a wooden floor and reinstate its original glory. If your floor has sustained a few shallow scratches, there may be no need to call in the professionals (although we’re always here to help!).

Instead, as this excellent “how to” post from Chaunceys explains, a little elbow grease, some sandpaper and a dab of wood filler will help you get your floor back up to, well, scratch! Take a look at Chaunceys blog (with full step-by-step illustrated instructions) to find out how it’s done.


7 Major Wooden Floor Mistakes


Real wood floors may be beautiful, sustainable and versatile, but they do require a certain amount of knowledge and TLC to keep them in prime condition. From wearing stilettos on real wood, to sanding down leak damage the moment it happens, there’s a lot you need to know to make sure you’re taking the best possible care of your wooden floor. With this in mind, this blog post from Reform Flooring is an indispensable read. Memorise these 7 serious wood flooring mistakes to make sure you keep your floor in immaculate, happy and healthy nick.

European vs. American Oak


Do you love the look of real oak flooring? If you’ve started browsing the available options you may be aware that there are two key types of oak, both with their own distinct look and feel: European oak and American oak. To get you up to speed with the main differences between these two surfaces, the oak specialists at British Hardwood have put together this helpful guide. From colour tone to grain pattern, this post will introduce you to the most important features of both variations so you can choose the perfect product for your floor.


Walnut Flooring: Everything You Need to Know


Durable, dark, rich, with a beautiful grain, walnut flooring is a beautiful choice when you’re considering installing a real wood floor. If you are tempted by walnut, this very thorough guide from hardwood flooring specialists Just Wood will give you the inside scoop on this flooring option.

Do you love the look and feel of walnut? Which major wood floor mistakes have you made? Share your opinions and experiences with other readers below.



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