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Daily Grind – June: Eco-Friendly Varnish & Stunning Parquet

Posted on June 4th, 2015 In: Floor Sanding Blogs

Hello and welcome back to Floor Sanding Expert’s monthly roundup, your place to find all manner of information and inspiration when it comes to real wood flooring. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an interior designer or a hands-on DIYer, you’ll find handy blogs and great ideas right here.

This month: get an insider’s view of sanding your flooring yourself – with no experience. PLUS: Take a sneak peek at a stunning, refurbished parquet school hall floor and find out more about using eco-friendly varnishes and wood stains on your boards.

“What No-one Tells You About Sanding Floors”


Will taking a DIY approach to sanding your floorboards save you money? Well – if everything goes according to plan – yes. Will doing it yourself mean a ridiculously heavy duty weekend (and more) of backbreaking labour? Absolutely.

As Floor Sanding Experts, we know that starting from scratch with the wrong equipment and no experience will mean hours of really tough DIY. This is the lesson that Little House on the Corner bloggers Christine and Jan learned the hard (if cost-effective) way. Read all about their experience of “doing it themselves” on their brilliant blog to get an insider’s perspective. Still, the results look pretty blooming good – not bad for a DIY job – well done!

Sanding Stunning School Hall Parquet


Do you have fond memories of your primary school hall? That indefinably “school-like” aroma, the knee slides, the cross-legged assemblies… If you ever get nostalgic for your school days, this interesting post from Forrest Floor Sanding will bring it all back as the team share a recent project in which they restored a stunning old parquet school hall floor. These floors can be difficult to maintain, especially after decades of use, but Forrest guys have done a great job and shared some very helpful pointers on maintenance.

Why Going Eco Can Be a Sticky Mess


We know just how important a green ethos is these days. From reducing waste sent to landfill, to developing a less disposable way of life (resanding is a great way to do this, as it happens!). Unfortunately being a bit Greener can sometimes make life a bit harder. This blog from Sarah Beeny’s recently launched, low-cost Tepilo online estate agency is a case in point…
Keen to keep a renovation green, the team headed to The Green Shop to source eco-friendly varnishes and wood stains to apply after the sanding process. While the advice they received was great, the nature of the products calls for a much longer period of time for application and drying. An interesting and informative read if you’re keen to use Greener varnishes and stains on your wood floor.

Are you considering using Green products when you revarnish your floor? Have you tried it before? Do you have any tips and recommended products for other readers? Let us know below.



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