Daily Grind – March: The GIDC & Hardwood Patterns

Posted on March 26th, 2016 In: Floor Sanding Blogs

Hello fixer-uppers, interior design DIYers and professional decorators – an almost springlike welcome back to the Daily Grind, the Floor Sanding Experts’ online location for sharing great ideas, helpful hints and industry updates all about that all important surface beneath your feet: flooring.

Every month we help property owners and decorators sand and revamp wood floors sensitively, ensuring we leave them looking flawless – whatever design might be in store! We also take time each month to keep up with the latest flooring trends and buzz, so we can share it with you in our roundup.

This March: Catch up with the five flooring lessons you should have learned from The Great Interior Design Challenge, debunk a common hardwood flooring myth and check out 5 unusual wood flooring patterns for creative homes.

5 Flooring Lessons from The GIDC


Have you been keeping up with the BBC’s Great Interior Design Challenge? If you have any interest in interior design and haven’t caught the show, you’ve been missing out! 16 amateur interior designers, 16 rooms, a budget of £1000, a brief from the homeowner and just 3 days to complete the project – it’s a recipe made in décor-buff heaven!

And it’s not just cracking telly or interior inspiration, there’s also a lot to be learned from the GIDC, including some pretty critical flooring lessons which the excellent Reform Flooring have helpfully compiled in this excellent blog. From balancing texture and colour, to the awesome power of a great rug, there’s plenty to pick up on here.

Does Hardwood Flooring Need to Acclimatise?


There are a lot of myths and misconceptions in the world of flooring, especially amongst clients who have never lived with wood flooring before. One piece of misinformation which the Gaylord Hardwood Flooring team often come across is all about acclimatisation. Does your new hardwood flooring need some time to acclimatise to your property and its typical atmosphere before it is installed, especially given the fact that real wood is prone to expanding and contracting in different conditions?

The short answer is: No! To find out why and to read the much longer, expert answer take a look at this recent blog.

5 Hardwood Patterns for Visual Impact


Do you love the look of traditional hardwood floors but also love to do things a little differently? This brilliant blog from United Flooring is full of ideas which will help you take your traditional look a step further with patterned planks. From classic herringbone and herringbone patterns, to modern alternating planks and more rustic feeling basket weave styles, there’s plenty of food for interior design musing right here. Which is your favourite?

Which is your favourite flooring pattern? Have you been watching the Great Interior Design Challenge? What have you learned from the show? Have your say below.



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