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Daily Grind – September: Dementia Friendly Design & Kitchen Floors

Posted on September 22nd, 2015 In: Floor Sanding Blogs

Hello there, a warm wooden welcome back to the Daily Grind! This is Floor Sanding Expert’s regular spot for sharing our favourite online blogs and resources all about flooring, from the solid wood surfaces we treat every day, to something a little bit different. Whether you’re a home owner looking for a flooring update, or a designer keen to upgrade an existing solid wood floor, we’ve packed our latest round up with tonnes of great stories and how tos to inspire your next project.

This month: Find out how dementia and flooring dovetail, learn everything you need to know to pick your perfect wood floor and discover which flooring type is right for your kitchen.

Dementia and Flooring: Why Functionality Matters


We’ve been really inspired by Altro‘s latest blog, published on the Newlay Floors website, all about designing flooring that makes life easier for dementia sufferers. While the majority of flooring choices are all about aesthetics, it’s truly inspiring to read about the ways in which smart decorative choices can have a positive impact on the lives of those living with dementia.

From using consistent colour tones to prevent users experiencing contrasts as “steps” which can cause tripping, to choosing the right level of light reflectance, this fascinating blog and video offer insight into the ways in which a decorative choice can be about much more than simple style. Inspiring stuff.


How to Pick the Perfect Wood Floor


If you’re starting the journey from deciding a real wood floor is the right solution for you, to installing and enjoying your new flooring, it’s likely that you’re currently bamboozled by choice. With some many options, variations and considerations to bear in mind, it can be tricky to know where to start. Should you opt for engineered wood flooring or solid wood? Which type of grain will work with your décor? Which type of finish will keep up with your lifestyle?

As luck would have it KLC School of Design have put together a fantastic “wood flooring made simple” blog which will help you answer all of those tricky questions. Featuring a helpful guide to grains and finishes, alongside a wealth of other helpful advice, this post should set you on the right track.


How to Pick the Perfect Floor for your Kitchen


Kitchens can be tricky rooms to decorate. Often your kitchen will be a central room in your house, a place for cooking, conversation and relaxation. Yet this space also needs to be highly practical, standing up to water, food and those little accidents which befall us all! Should you opt for a floor which looks great? Or should you choose a practical solution which will stand the test of time? And what is the ideal middle ground between these two different approaches?

If you’re confused by which solution to plump for, Deca Design Flooring have written a really helpful post, designed to make the decision easier. Running through everything from ceramics and wood flooring, to vinyl options, this handy resource will acquaint you with the pros and cons of each option so you can make the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Which type of flooring do you have in your kitchen? What’s your favourite type of real wood grain? Share your tips, ideas and preferences with other readers below.



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