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Posted on August 11th, 2014 In: Floor Sanding Blogs

tim carter

Tim Carter is a ‘building and remodelling alchemist’ who runs the well-known website AsktheBuilder. He has been writing a national newspaper advice column since the 90s and this guy knows his stuff!

His site is full of useful tips and advice on projects of all sizes, for people with varying levels of experience. We wanted to know more so we did ask the builder a few questions about his blog and his top DIY tips.

Why are you so passionate about home improvement?

I’m passionate about home improvement because, I believe, it’s in my DNA. I earned the Home Improvement merit badge in Boy Scouts 50 years ago and have never looked back.

How did you get into Doing It Yourself?

I started a house-painting business with a good friend while we were in college. Both of us then started to work for a man on weekends who bought old houses and fixed them up. I fell in love with hands-on work at that point.

Have you always been handy?

I feel I’ve always been handy as I fixed things at a young age. Working with my hands and thinking through solutions to home repairs and building seem second nature to me. God blessed me with hand-eye coordination which is a very important skill in this field.

What inspired you to start your blog?

When I was selected as one of the top 50 remodelling contractors in the USA in 1993, I realized that award was my ticket out of the business. Within a few months I started to write a nationally syndicated newspaper column – Ask the Builder – which still runs in 60 papers in the USA.

However, I quickly discovered that writers don’t make much money. The publishers are the ones who make money. My blog / website allowed me to become a publisher for just $1 a day. Hosting fees have since dropped in price!

Why should people read it?

I feel people should read my blog and sign up for my FREE weekly newsletter because I’m one of the few people who produce content online that has a deep and rich legacy of working for paying customers. That’s the definition of a professional – a person that gets PAID by others to perform a service.

Many of my online peers have little, or no, real experience satisfying the demands of consumers in the marketplace. They’ve done a job around their house or with a friend and then think they know all about building and remodelling.

I urge all to be sure to read the About page at every blog they visit. If you can’t spot proof the author of the blog has worked for years professionally, then be very careful about the advice you take from that website.

I see horrible incorrect home improvement advice on the internet regularly. You’ll only find great stuff at

What’s your top DIY tip right now?

My #1 tip has never changed:

Stop and take the time to research HOW a job should be done the right way BEFORE you start. That’s how I developed my motto:

Do It Right, Not Over!

Is there a secret to home improvement, and if there is, what is it??

Yeah, Do It Right, Not Over! is the oldest and longest-lasting home improvement website in the world. We highly recommend you consider subscribing to the FREE newsletter to enjoy Tim’s tips.



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