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Refreshing Wood Flooring in Your London Home

Posted on June 21st, 2013 In: Blog, Floor Sanding Blogs

Floor Sanding Services in London

When you consider the number of terraces of pre-war London homes which retain their original wooden flooring, then it is not surprising that many of them now require a little TLC.

Depending upon the floor’s current condition you could have several options from which to choose. For instance, if the floor is basically intact but is a little dull or scuffed in places then it may be that a thorough deep clean is sufficient to bring back the luster.

For best results don’t skimp on the process. Begin by emptying the room of all furniture before vacuuming carefully, paying particular attention to between the boards where particles of dirt and grit tend to gather.

Next spray a mop head either with cleaning product or just with plain water, and clean the floor. Avoid excess water and drips which can warp the wood.

If the floor is stained or discolored it may benefit from a steam clean, although you should be absolutely certain that the floor has an intact seal before cleaning or you run the risk of causing extensive damage to the boards. If normal wear and tear is the issue then this can be spruced up by refreshing the finish.


A lacquer finished floor brings a high glossy sheen to the wood, but can be difficult to apply properly. The fail safe method is to apply lacquer across small sections and never apply too much finish at once. Lacquer should be evenly distributed along the wood grain and buffed to a high shine. Lacquering process is fairly labor intensive but it is worth it when you achieve that elegant dance floor shine.


Apply in the same way as lacquer but oil lends itself to easier application. There is less chance of getting an oil finish wrong but once again apply smoothly throughout the floor space and wipe up any puddles immediately. When the oil has dried in it can be brought up to shine with a robust polishing with a lint free soft cloth. Whatever finishing product you choose to enhance the floors of your London home, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to the letter.

Hire an industrial buffing machine

Alternatively, you can opt for a straight buff and polish job. An industrial buffing machine which glides across the wood (rather like a hover mower does on grass) is easy to manoeuvre and fairly lightweight. The buffer works by means of two large pads, which circulate rapidly on the floor to bring a high polish and shine to all types of wood flooring.

After this first buffing you can add to the shine by applying wood polish to the floor and use the buffer to work the polish into the grain of the wood, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood. Wood polishes are available in gloss and matt finishes.

A complete re-sanding

Floor Sanding Services in LondonIf your floor is simply too far gone for any of these then it might need a complete sanding and refinishing. This is really the best way to deal with badly marked or stained flooring. If the floor is particularly old or you think it has been sanded many times before check that there is enough veneer left on top to sustain the sanding process. If so then you can hire an industrial walk-through sander and do the job yourself or alternatively obtain a no fee quotation from a London Floor Sanding specialist group.

Whichever method you choose, there is no doubt that a clean, bright and healthy looking floor is a beautiful asset to any home and a job well worth doing.



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