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Wood Flooring & Why Every Home Should Have It

Posted on October 11th, 2013 In: Blog, Floor Sanding Blogs

In addition to being a beautiful addition to any style of London home, wooden flooring has many other advantages which helps save you money on carpeting and floor tiles over the years. Because properly installed and maintained wood flooring lasts for decades the initial cost of the floor has been repaid many times over by the time your wood floor reaches the end of its considerable lifespan.

With the average carpet being replaced every 5 years it is solid wood floor sanding which wins the resiliency contest, making it the flooring of choice for thousands of London home and business owners.

The ease of maintenance a wood floor requires is also a huge advantage when it comes to consideration of upkeep. In homes with children or animals wood flooring is a super solution for busy homes.

Restoring a Wood FloorWood flooring responds well to a regular sweeping with a soft bristled brush and a very light mopping when required. In addition to this not inconsiderable asset, wood flooring is also more hygienic, with dust mites and fleas having nowhere to hide. Carpets and rugs can also foster unpleasant smells from spillages, dampness and pets. Even a new carpet will soon become subjected to odours and stains relatively quickly, no matter how careful one tries to be. In contrast the fragrance of a newly polished wood floor is an absolute delight and a source of pride to any homeowner.

Real wood flooring is conducive to most types of central heating including radiators and the increasingly popular underfloor heating. When the time comes and the floor begins to look a little tired then it can be rejuvenated by a bit of TLC in the form of a sanding, refinishing and sealing. This straightforward process will do wonders for the beauty of the floor as well as your pocket, as it generally costs much less than the constant purchase of new carpeting.

Timeless beauty

An often overlooked advantage of wood flooring is its timeless quality. A beautiful and elegant wood floor never goes out of fashion, so you need never fear that your floor will go out of style or the pattern will become obsolete or the colours will look dated.

It is true to say that wood flooring has never been more popular than it is now as busy householders recognise and appreciate the simple maintenance required once the floor is installed. In fact, many London homes which have been graced with original solid wood flooring from previous decades still enjoy the beauty of the wood in the 21st Century.

Wood Flooring & Why Every Home Should Have ItWhether you have an older floor, one which is relatively new, or whether you have had wood flooring in the past or are thinking about wood flooring for the first time, once you choose solid wood flooring in the home you will love the cleanliness, the ease of maintenance, the ambience and grace it brings to all types of living space. Wood flooring has so many advantages it is difficult to choose one to be top of the agenda. Wood flooring is at home in all kinds of properties: from smart apartments to traditional terraces and semis to larger style villas and new builds, every home looks stunning with wood flooring as the floor solution of choice.

Wood flooring offers warmth and immediate hospitality which is simply not present in tiles of stone or marble and estate agencies across the UK commonly assert that homes which are endowed with solid wood flooring generate a higher percentage of interest and consequently sell more quickly.



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