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Hardwood floors that can last a lifetime

Posted on March 15th, 2013 In: Blog, Wood Floor Repairs Blogs

Hardwood Floor Repairing Company in LondonRegular vacuuming and cleaning will add longevity to the wood floors of even the busiest household. But there will come a time when refinishing is necessary to maintain that sparkle. Until that time comes though, there are measures you can take to increase the lifespan of your floor. To gain maximum benefit is best to begin these steps immediately after a refinishing has taken place, but if this is not possible then start right now to extend the life and sparkle of your wood floor repair.

The simple ways are always best

• Lift furniture across the boards – never drag it!
• Avoid using abrasive or bleach-based cleaners on your floor.
• Mop up spillages immediately and never allow puddles to gather on the floor.
• If your floor is subjected to strong sunlight, consider blinds or curtains to protect from discolouration.
• Deal with small scratches and scrapes as soon as you notice them. For floors with a lacquered veneer, scratches can be wiped out by using a lacquer repair pen, oiled flooring will benefit from a localised application and if the floor has been waxed you can use filling (putty) sticks.
• If the scratches are deep then you can use an epoxy resin filler solution, which should be carefully applied and evened off with a small spatula.
• If a blemish is just too difficult to move then use the old-fashioned but effective method of concealment by placing a piece of furniture or a scatter rug over the mark!

When the time does come…

All the maintenance in the world won’t delay the inevitable forever. So when it is time to treat your floor to a plank-to-plank makeover in the form of re-sanding, you can do it yourself if you are not afraid of a bit of elbow grease and have a willingness to try. If you know someone with carpentry knowledge you could ask then for advice or (in the case of a really good friend) have them standing by. Alternatively you can obtain a free quotation from an experienced floor sanding company and in that way you can accurately measure the floor’s current condition.

Whichever way you decide, don’t be afraid to ask questions about the upkeep of your floor: knowledge is power and in the case of your wood floor could make the difference between a floor lasting 5 years to one lasting 10. A well-finished wood floor should, with adequate maintenance, last around a decade before requiring further refurbishment, making floor sanding an excellent investment in both the aesthetics of the home and to boost the resale value of the house.

Going it alone

Hardwood Floor Repairing Company in LondonIf you are refinishing your floor yourself then it is a good opportunity, especially in the case of an older floor, to fix or replace any loose, wobbly or damaged boards. If you have had heating installed after the floor was laid for instance, there could be insecure planking around the pipe area.
If you spot any wood that is raised or feels soft at the edges, it could be rotten and should be checked out before going any further. Rotted boards must be taken out and replaced, as wood rot treatment is not cost effective on single planks. It’s also an ideal opportunity to try and discover the cause of the rot, and if necessary take additional steps to prevent any further damage.

If your floor has small warps or bevels then these can be repaired by stacking a series of weighty items on top of it. Lightly wet the floor before placing the objects upon it and these should be left for several days to work their magic. If after this time the warp is still evident then the rogue board will have to be removed and replaced with another one of similar type and size. The new board can then be sanded and refinished along with the rest for the floor for a perfect blend.



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