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Medallion Man

Posted on October 22nd, 2012 In: Blog, Floor Renovations Blog

Once favoured exclusively  inside the hallowed halls of stately homes and museums, wood medallions are no longer the exclusive domain of the rich and famous. Rather these designs can be super fun, completely bespoke and not as expensive as you might think.

Think medallion

If you are thinking about installing a new hardwood floor – think medallion. Ideal for display in a square-shaped hallway, dining room or lounge, medallions come in all shapes and sizes. Choose from a basic circular shape to lozenge, triangular or any shape you fancy. No longer grafted by hand, the remit for the medallion designer is now wider than ever before. So have fun with your medallion – the sky’s the limit.

How it’s made

In general medallions are made in the same was as engineered wood with about ¾” or 19mm thickness with a veneer layer of 5/16” or 8mm. The plywood that lies below the veneer is usually a light wood such as pine or birch, and the medallion is created by fusing together both under layer and veneer under immense heat (not unlike the lamination process).

The pieces that make up the actual pattern of the medallion can range from several large pieces to a myriad of pieces reminiscent of mosaic. Medallions are easy to customise too by way of factory templates, which can then be adapted by a professional hand to bespoke level. For example you may like to see your pet dog standing proudly inside the centre of your medallion, or if you are a sailor, a ship, a racing car, a bunch of flowers or a geometrical design. The choice of pattern really is limitless and the larger the medallion the more scope you have.


Whilst it is best to install a medallion when the floor is initially laid, if this is not an option for you then you can (if you are brave enough) order your medallion, wrench up the floor, sink in the medallion, hope for the best and replace the floorboards. Or you can choose the wiser option and allow a specialist wood floor company to do it for you!

Medallions can be purchased pre-stained or not, it’s your choice although many medallion lovers enjoy the challenge of choosing their own finishing and colours. Medallions at around ¾” or 19mm in density should be sanded (touch of an angel, nothing heavy!) before being installed.

If you have an engineered or laminate floor you can choose to have thinner medallions. For best results ask your friendly floor finisher to assist with a workable choice,  finishing to match your original floor and the installation itself. Nowadays medallions are laser-cut and finished by power tools, making them financially viable for more people than ever before.


Give your floor a treat

If you think you would enjoy revitalising your floor, or if you are thinking about having a new hardwood floor laid then now is the time to think medallion.

A beautifully constructed medallion is always the talking point of any room as well as being lots of fun. Brighten up your children’s room too with medallions of a favourite toy or cartoon character.

On the border

If you feel your room is too small for a medallion or if you think medallions are not really your thing then worry not – wood floor borders are another great way to stamp individuality on to your hardwood floor.

Floor Sanding with Medallion BorderLike medallions, borders are pre-cut and sawn into lengths and can be coloured or varnished as required. In order to create a top quality job though, it is always best to budget for a professional floor sanding companies or fitters to insert the border for you. Flooring borders look stunning in long hallways and in rooms with minimalist furnishings.



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