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Whatever your personality type there is a real wood floor restoration for you. If you think this is a little far-fetched then read on and see how wood matches real personality types. Which one are you?Floor Sanding and Restoration Services

Light, fragrant and very British, ash is always a popular addition in any room. Ash lightens up those dark corners and is particularly popular in bedrooms providing a versatile and beautiful finish. (Note: due to the current crisis with Ash die-back caused by the spread of the Chalara fraxinea fungus, this type of wood flooring may start to increase in price and scarcity over the next 12 months.)

Oak floors are timeless, robust and the pragmatic choice for well-used rooms such as kitchens and dining rooms. Oak flooring speaks of strength, good looks and timeless elegance.

Pine wood exudes pure Scandinavian freshness and brings sparkle to any room. Very popular in bedrooms and saunas, pine is not only beautiful but tough and durable too.

Yellow Pine
Inexpensive, strong, long-lasting and safe: these attributes of yellow pine make it the popular choice when building staircases. Yellow pine will never let you down and, when treated right, lasts for years.

Available in both light and dark shades, this beautiful hard wood is one of the most popular floor choices and its natural warmth and good looks ensure it is always popular in dining and function rooms.

One of the richest colours of hard wood, red mahogany is the A-Lister of the russet-coloured hardwoods. Its glossy shine looks magnificent in any style of room from lounges to hallways to bedrooms.

This tropical bad boy is well known for complementing bachelor pads, and radiates a definitive masculine aura. Teak is also one of the best woods to show off minimalist interior design.

Contrary to what the name may suggest, rosewood is a hard and tough hardwood with a vibrant red colour. Rosewood is bold, dynamic and just a little edgy. Use this wood in any room which houses frequent guests and let rosewood be the life and soul of the party!

Although this exotic product of Eastern promise masquerades as wood, bamboo is actually a grass. Chosen by eco-aware people across the world, bamboo covers any floor beautifully and is solid, strong and amazingly resilient. Because bamboo flooring is made from the stripped bark of the plant, bamboo plants do not have to die to create your floor. In fact a bamboo plant will re-grow in just 7 years, making bamboo flooring one of the most sustainable flooring options on the planet.

One of the hardest woods around, maple is commonly used in commercial outlets such as bowling lanes, gyms and other sporting arenas. Maple is imported from the US and is therefore one of the more expensive hardwood options, but once you have a maple floor you will never need another one. Maple flooring is the only one you will ever need and as such, is worth every penny.

Similar to maple but less expensive, beech is the chameleon of the hard wood family. Beech is all things to all people and can be stained to resemble any type of hard wood. Beech wood is heavy, durable and offers excellent value for money.

Popular in Victorian libraries but an unusual choice for flooring today, walnut is the one to go for if you are looking for something a little different. Easily moulded and shaped, walnut wood is hardwearing but light to work with. A favourite of furniture-makers, walnut brings grace and class to any public room.

This exotic African hardwood is a costly choice but utterly stunning. Whilst ebony has excellent wood turning abilities it is notoriously difficult to lay as flooring. However, if you are willing to absorb the expense and have the wood professionally installed, an ebony floor will bring a lifetime of pleasure as well as being the envy of guests and adding considerable value to the home.



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