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Au Naturelle – this year’s hot look in wooden flooring

Posted on July 4th, 2012 In: Hardwood Floors Sanding News, News

Just like any other lifestyle choice, flooring goes through cycles of popularity. One year the ‘must-have’ look for interiors will be deep-pile carpets, and then it’s all change as the best-dressed homes are all sporting polished wooden floors. But break it down even further and there are fashions and trends within wooden flooring. And this year, the big look is Au Naturelle.

Rather than deep, rich mahogany tones or vibrant coloured stains, this year’s wooden flooring trends are all about blonde wood, giving a light, bright and airy finish. The trick with this is to avoid it looking too ‘clinical’ and to achieve a balance between rich honey tones and a clean, clutter-free line that complements the continuing trend for cream-based décor.

The ultimate to aim for is a neutral palette where a polished wooden floor becomes the focal point around which the rest of the décor is based. Coloured staining has dropped slightly out of favour, and this year it’s all about showing the true beauty of the wood’s grain in subtle tones that favour varnishing and waxing rather than staining. Combine this with natural tones in the rest of the décor inspired by stone, cotton and linen fabrics, and add a few wool throws or subtly designed rugs and you have the ultimate Au Naturelle look.

A tranquil home

The Au Naturelle look creates a calm, tranquil home that is also surprisingly easy to keep pristine. The trend for beautiful wooden floors isn’t losing any momentum, and homeowners across the country are turning away from carpets and back to the natural beauty of wood. And don’t think that it means a colder home, either. A professional floor sanding company will ensure that any cracks or gaps in your floorboards are filled before sanding and varnishing or waxing takes place. So in fact a properly sanded wooden floor actually improves the thermal efficiency of your home, making it easier to heat in the winter.

Reflect the light

It’s all about creating an illusion of greater space, and by reflecting the light back into the room, a varnished or waxed wooden floor can produce that feeling of space far more easily than other floor coverings can. Even a cream-coloured carpet absorbs more light than it reflects, as well as being an absolute nightmare to keep truly ‘cream coloured’! Varnished or waxed wooden floors are easy to keep sparkling clean, require deep cleaning only occasionally and instantly shimmer with light with just a simple wipe over with a damp mop.

It’s easy to achieve this subtle look with the right furnishings and paint, but to truly get that Au Naturelle look, polished wooden floors form the perfect foundation. From this you can then tie in the rest of the look with relative ease, simply by exploring what’s on offer on the local high street. Retailers are stocking on-trend natural coloured furnishings that will complement a polished wooden floor perfectly.

But what happens next year, when bright, brash and bold comes back in? Don’t worry – a polished wooden floor still forms the best foundation for a warm, welcoming interior, no matter what interior design trend may be in vogue. Even if you do want to go back to vibrant colours, it’s simply a matter of changing your muted-tone furnishings for something a bit more colourful. Your polished floor will still fit in with the overall look, reflecting the colours and creating a kaleidoscope of patterns that will bring your home to life. It is the versatility and ability of wooden floors to fit in with almost any interior style that makes them so popular, whether you’re going Au Naturelle or full-on neon!



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