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Avoid a Botched Job

Posted on October 10th, 2012 In: Floor Sanding Services News, News

Professional UK floor sanding companies report that in the first six months of 2012 they have received a higher than ever number of call outs in relation to botched flooring jobs, resulting in almost completely destroyed hardwood flooring. Not only does this cause the home owner unnecessary stress and worry but also hits them in the wallet too, as the cost of repairing a badly damaged floor is more expensive than having the job originally carried out by professionals in the first place.

The curse of the marked floor

One of the most common errors is that of visible roller marks on the floor. This occurs when a drum sander machine has been used across the grain or otherwise unprofessionally. In fact, drum roller sanders are on their way to becoming obsolete as new high-tech sanding machines take their place to offer a smoother, cleaner and less bumpy route to sanded floors.

Many of these roller marks can be successfully hidden until the final coat of lacquer, varnish or oil is applied, when they can be clearly seen through the top layer. This makes the whole process flawed and results in a very disgruntled floor owner.

Everything evolves

As with many other processes, floor sanding machinery and techniques are constantly evolving, refining and bringing more and more perfect finishings to flooring. It is therefore wiser for all would-be DIY sanders to take professional advice wherever possible in order to save time, money… and their sanity!

It is more cost effective for the consumer to take advantage of the newest sanding machines on the market as well as reading up on sanding techniques, rather than going for ‘budget’ hire options. If you’re hiring floor sanding equipment then ensure that the hire company instruct you fully on the machine’s operation before taking it away.

If in doubt – say no

If there are any unanswered questions relating to floor sanding then it may be preferable (and quite probably cheaper in the long run) to entrust your flooring to a professional floor sanding and finishing company. This solution offers additional benefits of insurance and peace of mind.

Sometimes less is actually more

While it is entirely understandable that in these times of financial crisis that home and business owners would elect to save money by choosing to sand wood flooring themselves, this can end up costing you more unless you are absolutely sure of the sanding process and all its aspects.

Economists say that the way out of a recession is actually to spend in order to stimulate the markets and nowhere is that more true than in the case of wood floor sanding.

Going it alone

If however you do wish to go it alone then take every piece of professional advice you can get and don’t skimp on any of the steps or on the preparation. Use the latest sanding machinery with integral dust collection. This reduces residual dust by up to 90%, great news for asthmatics and bronchitis sufferers and a sure way of getting a better end result.

Remember that depending upon the condition of the floor, you will probably require to sand more than once to gain the smooth finish you need. Give yourself time to move through the steps carefully and thoroughly and never move on until the previous step has been fully (and successfully) completed.

Screen if you want to go faster!

When you think the floor has been properly sanded then it is time to screen your work. The wise workman or woman will never skip the screening process. This is the last chance saloon for catching tiny flaws before moving on to apply the varnish. The screener is a hand held device with a mesh disc which is either circular or oblong, depending upon the type of screener you are using. Screeners come in various shapes and sizes so once again take advice before deciding which screen device to use.



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