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Can a new wooden floor enhance your business?

Posted on July 18th, 2012 In: Floor Sanding Services News, News

It’s not just savvy homeowners who are rediscovering the joys of polished wooden flooring these days. Certainly, if you look through the glossy pages of any interior decoration magazine you’ll see everything from engineered hardwood veneers to sanded and waxed wooden floor boards gracing the finest homes in the land. Business owners are also rediscovering the beauty and practicalities of polished wooden flooring – but could having that pristine wooden floor polished to perfection actually enhance your business?

Creating a great first impression…

As soon as a customer or client steps onto your property, they are judging your suitability as a business. From the smiling receptionist to the tidy office with minimal clutter, first appearances count. And just as an employer will often judge the suitability of a potential candidate by the state of their shoes, so your clients will notice the condition of your floors. And you’ve only got a split second to create a great first impression before you lose that chance forever.

The psychological effect

Investing in polished wooden flooring not only impresses customers, but it also shows your workforce that you take the reputation and image of your business seriously too. Studies have shown that a better quality environment encourages those within it to maintain a certain level of pride in their surroundings, which can lead to greater productivity in a business environment too. By showing your employees that you want to create a harmonious and pleasant working environment, you are also showing that you value them as workers and want them to be comfortable in their daily surroundings. The result can be that productivity levels increase, so on a subconscious level beautiful surroundings can have a considerable psychological effect on people.

A worthwhile investment?

However, during a time of austerity many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their costs, and that certainly includes the interior décor of their buildings. So while a ‘hardwaring’ and rather standard grey nylon carpet may be a cheaper alternative in the short term, it can actually work out to be more expensive than having clean, polished wooden flooring. Wooden flooring is also far more resilient and more suitable to heavy traffic areas, preventing walked-in dirt from becoming ingrained in the surface and making the entire area look a little ‘run down’ and slightly shabby.

Is wooden flooring suitable for all situations?

As desirable as polished wooden flooring is, it may not be suitable in all situations. For example, in a quiet office environment having wooden floors throughout may increase the level of noise from footfall, particularly if some workers are wearing heeled shoes. So the practicalities need to be taken into consideration. The best way to find out if wooden flooring is a suitable option for your business is to talk to a professional floor sanding company specialising in installing commercial wooden floors. They will be able to tell you if a business zone has a high probability of benefiting from a wooden floor – such as a reception area – or whether softer options may be more suitable.

In a time when every business needs to consider ways in which to stand out from their competitors, no detail should be left to chance – and that includes something as fundamental and as basic as choosing the right flooring. If a customer is greeted by a beautifully polished wooden floor when they enter your business premises, they are bound remember that first impression. It may colour their whole approach towards you as a business partner, so make sure you make the right impression first time, every time.



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