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Can a wooden floor help you sell your home?

Posted on June 27th, 2012 In: Floor Sanding and Finishing News, News

This week’s surprise news that inflation has fallen to its lowest level in two and a half years offers a glimmer of hope for the UK’s beleaguered economy. Although we’re still in the grip of a double-dip recession, this news is an indication that perhaps – just perhaps – the economy isn’t in as bad a shape as we thought. But a still-stagnant housing market means that anyone trying to sell their home at the moment is facing a tough battle.

However, if we are starting to see faint glimmers of hope on the horizon (and a drop in inflation is usually a good indicator that the underlying economy is reasonably solid, despite the media headlines), what can homeowners do to make their home more desirable to potential buyers? Is it still a case of painting every surface with ‘magnolia’ paint and making sure the smell of fresh coffee permeates through the house, or is there something more fundamental you can do to really boost your chances of a quick sale?

More bang for your buck

Superficial isn’t cutting it any more – buyers are far too savvy to fall for the magnolia paint trick these days. Now, homebuyers want more bangs for their bucks, and that means some fundamental changes. One of the best ways to really add value to your home is to tear up those worn out carpets to reveal the true beauty of the wooden floor beneath.

Wooden floors are on top of many people’s wish lists when it comes to desirable home features. Not only do they look cleaner, more hygienic and are easier to care for than carpets, but they’re currently trending too. Look in any home decorating magazine and you’ll see photograph after photograph of gorgeous, spacious rooms with shimmering wooden floors. So why are they such an attention grabber?

Reflect the light

One of the main things that polished wooden floors do is to reflect light. So even if your home has limited supplies of natural light, polished wooden floors will help you make the most of what light there is by reflecting it back into the room. This helps to make the room feel more spacious – something that any homebuyer is looking for in that perfect, ‘must have’ property.

Keeping it clean

We’re leading busy lives these days, so today’s modern homeowner wants to be able to ensure that their home is spotlessly clean with the minimum of effort. No matter how often you vacuum carpets, there are always dirt and dust particles trapped in the fibres. With polished wooden floors it’s a case of a quick wipe over with a damp mop and your floor is spotlessly clean. Again, this is something that prospective buyers are looking for – low maintenance with no compromise on looks or style.

Modern or traditional?

Whether your home is a modern apartment or a traditional cottage, a wooden floor can add to the ambience and character of the property, giving it that ‘wow’ factor that any prospective buyer is looking for. They’ve seen gorgeous wooden floors in the lifestyle magazines and that’s what they want for themselves. So if your property offers that aspirational feature from the second that they walk through the door, you can be sure that even if your home has other little flaws here and there, your perfect polished wooden floor could be the one thing that convinces them to buy.

Polished wooden floors are highly desirable for anyone looking for a new property, but a word of caution – make sure that your wooden floors are in the best possible condition before you let prospective buyers through the door. A ‘DIY’ amateur attempt at sanding floor boards could emphasise flaws and put prospective buyers off. Get the experts in before you put your home on the market and make sure that your perfect wooden floor is a real selling point.



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