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Custom Wood Floors

Posted on June 19th, 2013 In: Floor Sanding News, News

The sky’s the limit for homeowners who choose solid wood flooring, as thanks to new innovations in technology, they are longer restricted to template and design models. Technology and constantly changing innovative design along with intelligent manufacturing techniques allow homeowners to enjoy a bespoke range of flooring without the prohibitive price tag.

Custom Wood Floors in LondonThose who have an artistic bent and who wish to go that extra mile can draw or photograph any kind of image or design, and in this way a clan crest or company insignia can be the magnificent centerpiece and the talking point of any room. Medallions can be created around an existing floor or built into a new structure. The subtle blend of technology and old-fashioned craftsmanship ensures the consumer has the wisest choice possible. Computer generated pictures and designs can also be beautifully replicated in a wood floor.

If the design is for inclusion in an existing floor then the obvious consideration must be the current condition of the floor, the type of wood, available budget, etc. The wise consumer will be the one who takes advice from the appropriate experts.

Types of wood

Customized wood floor centerpieces can be created from any type of hard or softwood, although the most popular choice is hardwood as this type of design is most commonly used on high traffic areas. Oak, mahogany and teak medallions are the most popular with homeowners and corporate clientele.

Well-crafted customized pieces should be expected to last for a quarter of a century at the very minimum, and with proper care and maintenance can last a whole lot longer. The normal guarantee time is around 30 years.

If the floor is many years old it may be more difficult to source a matching wood. If this is the case there are professional re-stain options which will successfully blend the old and new wood to create a seamless whole.

Co-ordinate your room

Bespoke flooring can also be created to match with antique furniture pieces and ornaments. Beautiful grandfather clocks, gate-legged tables and Victorian furniture can be made even more magnificent with the stunning backdrop of a customized wood floor.

Co-ordinate your room with Wooden FloorYachts, jets, mansions, boardrooms, hotels and restaurants have long since recognized the status symbol of a customized wood floor, but with the progression of technology it is no longer the exclusive remit of the rich. Many UK homeowners are enjoying the beauty of bespoke wood centerpieces which, as well as bringing beauty to the room, offer a touch of individuality and class too.

Bespoke wood flooring is something worth considering if the floor sanding requires plank replacements in certain areas. Replacing borders is also popular as many floors have been damaged around the edges due to flooding, pipework, refitting skirting boards, etc.

Parquet design

If the existing floor is parquet tiling then a medallion centerpiece will look particularly stunning and will grace any type of room. Luxury liners built prior to 1970 are often equipped with beautiful parquet tiling throughout, and an appropriate, nautically-themed design is a stunning addition.

Boardrooms and character hallways too are ideal spaces for customization. Long halls can be enhanced by a leafy border design, and square-shaped meeting rooms look beautiful bearing a distinctive company logo.

When old is better than new

New is not always better than old, and this is particularly true of wood flooring. Bespoke design and inlays can bring new life and personality to a floor and, with a long lifespan guaranteed, makes it an extremely worthwhile flooring improvement.

Older buildings which have existing wood flooring complete with bespoke design find it a wise investment to employ a complete refinishing to bring the floor back to its beautiful best.



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