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Dust Free Sanding Systems

Posted on March 6th, 2013 In: Floor Sanding Services News, News

Dust Free Floor Sanding ServicesLike many other areas of industry, floor sanding techniques have benefitted from technological advances in the last decade in terms of virtually dustless industrial sanders. Up until now the most commonly used sanders have been the drum and belt sanders, both of which can be ‘walked’ along a floor sanding as they move. However, these machines do tend to throw up a fair percentage of dust as well as being incredibly noisy in confined spaces.

Although drum and belt sanders are fitted with dust bags (similar to a household vacuum cleaner) they do allow a sizeable amount of dust particles to escape into the air. The largest percentage of residual dust is emitted by the roller motion itself and cannot be contained by these types of machines.

New sanding units are quiet to operate and are fitted with an integral extraction unit, which does guarantee practically dust-free sanding. Contemporary sanding machines are also fitted with high efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA filters). Also used in hospitals, these HEPA filters work by isolating and containing the dust residue inside the machine. This is great news for asthma and allergy sufferers and also means that homes with young children or the elderly no longer need to be evacuated before wood floor sanding begins.

Dust free sanding now a cost-effective solution for domestic service users

Dustless Floor Sanding ServicesLike any innovation, the first roll-out is always the most expensive, so in the main dust-free sanders were confined to use in commercial premises for several years. But subsequent refinements and adaptations now mean that dust free floor sanding machines have become more cost-effective and are now used by professional wood sanding companies on domestic as well as commercial wood flooring.

Whilst it cannot be said that the older style of sanding machines are hazardous to health per se, they do require some circumnavigation in terms of families of allergy sufferers, who should not be present when drum or roller sanders are in operation. In addition to leaving further 8-10-hours for residual dust to settle, a floor sanding has meant, in the past, a necessity to remove sufferers from the home for the duration of the work. Current dust-free models guarantee 98% improvement in dust reduction during the entire sanding process.

Using a dust free sanding machines means much less preparation time, as well as quicker and more efficient sanding that is less hazardous to health. Dust-free sanders are now recommended by the British Abrasive Federation.

Dust free sanding systems can be safely used on any type of hard and softwood wood floor. They are easy to move around and extremely user friendly. Unlike the drum sander in particular, this new type sander is gentle on the boards and buffs extremely well without causing damage to the boards.

Dustless Floor Sanding ServicesUsing a Dustless Floor Sanding machine is on the whole easier than opting for a traditional sanding unit. The results are equally good and the floor can be sanded the requisite number of times without any detriment to the surface of the wooden boards.
Some dust free sanding units come with a movable filtration system that is designed to follow the sander to remove residual particles from the air as well as from the floor. When using this type of sander there is no need to vacuum between sandings as with traditional sanders. When sanding is completed the floor will be dust-free and smooth with no bevels or nasty shards of wood and can be finished in the usual way.

One day very soon dust-free sanding will be the norm; another technological thumbs up from both industry experts and the service user!



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