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Sanded wooden floors: Things to consider

Posted on February 7th, 2014 In: Floor Sanding and Finishing News

floor sanderHome improvement can be a daunting and complicated process and there are a number of key decisions which can have an effect on the value of that home. One increasingly popular option in recent years has been the use of sanded wooden floors. As a unique feature wooden flooring can add a significant sum to the value of a property, and revitalise an aspect of home decor that all too often gets ignored.

Hiring the machine

Hiring the equipment to sand you floors is a surprisingly easy process should you wish to undertake the work yourself. Although there are a number of options available, it would be advisable to get two sanders, one for the main surface of the floor, and another for the more hard-to-reach areas – ideally an edging sander. Different hire shops will offer deals which may include a reduced rate, but in general the equipment is available for around £60 per day. As such it is a good idea to book ahead of the intended day of use, and to ensure the area is clear of all furniture and ready to be sanded before collecting the equipment. While there is an element of physical labour inherent in this sort of job, it is incredibly rewarding to see how quickly you can make such a major difference to your flooring.


Aside from the actual labour involved, it is worth being mindful of the mess that is an inevitable side effect of sanding a floor. There will be a large amount of dust created, so it would be a good idea to clean up as you go to minimise this, and wearing a mask is an absolute must. It is also a very noisy job, which may not help your relationship with your neighbours, so it is worth warning them before undertaking the work. These are only minor inconveniences, and with some prior preparation, and the helpful advice of people who have done the job before, disruption can be kept to a minimum.


Sanded wooden floors can add a lot to a room, complimenting the decor and providing a simple and elegant flooring solution. However, it can increase drafts from under the sanding floorboards if they’re not laid properly, making it essential that any gaps and holes are also filled to prevent this from ramping up your winter heating bills. However, it can actually save you money on those very same bills if done correctly, something that can be a huge advantage in the current economic climate.

Could sanded floors be right for you?

Further varnishing and staining will help protect the floor afterwards, but it is not something that will need to be done immediately. Sanded floors are not for everyone, but many people find them an attractive and functional choice for the modern home, whatever style of home that is. But if doing all the work yourself sounds like a lot of hard work – which to be honest, it is – there are professionals who are happy to revamp your wooden floors for you, such as the team at Floor Sanding Experts.



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