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Floor Sanding and How to Do It Well

Posted on December 20th, 2012 In: Hardwood Floors Sanding News, News

Hardwood Floors Sanding and PolishingAll lovers of hardwood floors sanding realise the value of a well maintained floor is more than monetary. A beautifully kept floor brings warmth, light and elegance to any room space. Outdoor areas too are greatly enhanced by wood restoration.

Whatever style of décor is favoured in the home or commercial premises, a wooden floor fits in perfectly with all tastes and styles. It is a shining wood floor which has been responsible for many a buyer throwing in an offer for a house they may otherwise have passed by.

Return your floor to natural beauty

So real wood flooring has always been regarded as an asset. If you are fortunate enough to have a wooden floor covered up by decades of old carpet or rugs, maybe now is the time to consider a renovation job to bring the floor back to its natural beauty.

If the floor is in very bad condition, i.e. with damaged joists or wood rot then you may be best served by employing the professionals to help you out. If however the floor appears to be in a reasonable condition, just perhaps a little tired and dull around the edges then you might consider a bit of DIY restoration.

Any successful restoration starts with sanding

Floors Sanding and Polishing Company LondonSuccessful restoration starts with a precise and professional looking sanding job. To attain the smooth finish you need before applying any type of finishing veneer, you should not cut corners from the outset. Recent innovations in technology have meant that sanding machines are more refined than ever. But you should be prepared to get down on all fours to get into the nooks and crannies of the room with a handheld sander or even sandpaper sheets if the area is exceptionally small (for example stairwells or small landings).

Sanding thoroughly means the floor should be of a similar texture throughout when the sanding is complete. Whether it has had furniture standing on it or is a walk through space, every board should feel even to the touch with no tiny shards or protrusions to mar the finish.

Take your time

The trick in good restoration is not to rush the process. This is particularly true when dealing with old floors, where conditions which may not be apparent initially can delay the process. The best advice for any amateur floor restorer is to take all the time you need.

Equally if your wood floor is in need of just a little TLC the sanding process is intrinsically the same, although perhaps less arduous. London Floor Sanding can be done as many times as needed but always avoid over-sanding in the same area as this will leave dips in the boards.Floors Sanding and Polishing Services

Small repairs such as gap filling, replacing a board or removing nails can be done at any stage of the sanding process, in fact it is common enough to discover the odd flaw or two after the first sanding which you would swear wasn’t there before you started! Remember that as long as flaws and blemishes are attended to before the finishing process then all is well.

Sanding is the cornerstone of a beautiful floor

Think of the sanding process as the foundation upon which your restoration is built. Get the base right and the job will be a success; get it wrong and be prepared to start all over again. If you start restoring your floor and find you have bitten off a bit more than you can chew then there is no shame (in fact it could well be an intelligent as well as economical decision) to enlist the aid of a professional floor sanding company.



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