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Flooring Goes Green

Posted on April 24th, 2013 In: News, Wood Floor Renovations News

Find Wood Floor Restoration Company in UKThe leading UK industry trusted and approved vanguard for all things flooring, has reported on an innovative and exciting new scheme recently launched whereby off-cuts of flooring materials are gathered, pressed and recycled to make up wood-based and other types of flooring, including linoleum and floor tiling.

At the time of writing it is predominantly Forbo who is using this process, but the industry will be encouraged across the board to implement this strategy in all types of plant and building supplier outlets. UK construction and distribution centres have welcomed the scheme and are actively implementing it in branches throughout the country. Currently in use mainly for vinyl and marnoleum products, it is to be hoped that this system will extend to wood flooring as well.

In addition to showing the world the green side of the floor business, this initiative offers the end-user an active choice to be eco-friendly, as well as being a real solution to dwindling natural resources. It is recognised across the industry that there is a need, or more accurately a demand, for recycled flooring which is in no way inferior to its naturally produced cousin, the traditionally garnered and processed real woods.

Representatives of the UK’s topmost suppliers of hardwoods echo these sentiments and with industry and consumers both on board, it is surely only a matter of time before homeowners can enjoy the wood floor they want without incurring either eco-guilt or a huge hole in their pocket.

Innovation keeps the industry fresh and consumers eco-aware

Constant innovation helps keep the industry fresh, motivated and cost-effective and in this instance, with initial interest burgeoning, real wood flooring looks set to evolve in this same way to being retailers and end-users sustainable and beautiful flooring without costing the earth.

Unless you are the proud owner of an original wood floor such as are commonly found in London terraces built prior to the Edwardian era, chances are you want a sustainable wood floor which is also cost effective, hard-wearing and of course beautiful. No small order, but improvements such as the one described above take baby steps towards realistic floor solutions which are not only for the possessors of deep pockets, but affordable for the average homeowner to enjoy.

Perfect Hardwood Floors Sanding and Restoration ServicesWhile there is no substitute for a real wood floor that is easy to maintain and clean, there are alternatives. Engineered flooring, laminates and parquet are all designed differently and can go where (sometimes) real wood fears to tread! For example moisture ridden outlets such as bathrooms, utility rooms, cellars etc. which are unable to sustain wood flooring can often benefit from these or wood coated tiling to give the real wood look homeowners love.

Expert help is a must
When deciding what type of wood flooring is right for a particular room it is a good idea to involve the expertise of floor sanding professionals before going to the expense and hassle of laying what could be a floor which will last only a short time. Important considerations are the level of humidity in the room, the amount of moisture/ condensation it is likely to receive, how much sunlight, the through flow of traffic, etc.

For undecided individuals the best advice is to arm yourself with as much current knowledge as you can so that you can make an intelligent and informed choice. Take advantage of a no-obligation quotation and assessment from your local flooring professionals before making any wood flooring purchase.

A real wood floor which has been correctly installed and maintained should easily give a century of service, making it the most cost effective purchase a homeowner can make.



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