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Hardwood Floor Design Continues to Enchant

Posted on November 27th, 2012 In: Hardwood Floors Sanding News, News

The term ‘innovate or stagnate’ has never been more true than it is today and in the world of hardwood floors sanding design, especially so. People are no longer content with rustic oak, distressed pine or burnished maple flooring, and even the exotics like bamboo, African Teak and Ipe are no longer as exclusive as they once were. What then of the innovative homeowner who enjoys cutting edge style or of the commercial premises looking for flooring with an edgy yet rare flavor?Hardwood Floors Sanding and Polishing

With many modern builds choosing the ‘walk-through’ effect (once known as open plan), uniform flooring throughout can look rather bland. To obliterate blandness forever here are a few new looks for your floor:

Tree shaped wood flooring

Rather than having evenly straight-edged planks this idea offers flooring manufactured and laid in tree shape. This means that some planks are wider than others, straighter than others or knottier than others, which all lead to an amazingly beautiful and natural looking finish. The boards are created using lasers and brand new flooring technology that makes each board distinct yet once laid the pattern flows seamlessly from one board into another. Tree shaped wood flooring resembles tree bark on the floor and is wonderful to look at, finishes smoothly and can be stained in exactly the same way as its uniformly-made counterparts.

Flooring made from barrels, casks and other associated liquor containers

The ultimate in green chic is the new trend of creating wood flooring from whisky barrels, wine casks and other liquor containers. Again it is cutting edge technology that makes originality possible, and different parts of the wood are collected together to make a particular style of flooring. Restaurants and wine bars enjoy the definitive style of this type of flooring which also carries the stamp – and sometimes the custom duty certification – of authentic use.

Boards that have come from the interior of a wine cask will be naturally dyed by the wine and brings beautiful and unique golden, rose and russet colours that cannot be obtained from any wood floor stain.

Beer barrel flooring is also an option, and this is usually manufactured from the exterior of the barrel. Many floors retain the original marking from the iron hoops, giving additional character and a saloon-style distressed look.

Cracked wood flooring

Artificially created cracks on the wood create a dramatic effect, which is particularly stunning on dark wood. The cracks can also be treated with stain to match furnishings and décor, or as a contrast to the floor.

Twig/Log floors

This rustic beauty has to be seen to be believed. Constructed entirely from log ends and twigs, this floor looks like a log cabin in your living room. Reminiscent of tiling, these pieces come from the remainder of the tree trunk after felling. Each log is cross-grain cut, sanded down by hand and oiled before being laid and grouted in with cement. This type of floor is suitable for both interior and exterior use and as well as being beautiful, is hard-wearing enough to withstand the heaviest traffic.

Twig/log flooring is best made from pine or oak end pieces and can be finished with wax to seal and protect. This floor will give a lifetime of natural beauty to any space and is easy to keep clean too. Dusting, vacuuming and the occasional light mop is all it takes to keep the floor looking great. By choosing twig/log flooring, the consumer is saying yes to the best form of sustainable wood flooring available today.

In addition to being one of the greenest flooring options around, twig/log flooring also has to be the coolest! Try this eco-friendly flooring option in conservatories, dining rooms, kitchens or bedrooms as a trend-setting alternative to the ‘usual suspects’.



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