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Help Your Home to Sell with Hardwood Flooring

Posted on October 17th, 2012 In: Hardwood Floors Sanding News, News

Figures released in September 2012 by the Indian Consumer Association suggest that from Mumbai to Bangalore to Kolkata homes with hardwood flooring are more attractive to buyers and can command better prices. With Mumbai commanding the highest property prices (per square foot area) than either New York or London it is easy to see why homeowners in this busy Indian metropolis are eager to add value and style to their homes by installing beautiful hardwood flooring.

Not only India but worldwide

This claim is supported by worldwide statistics from the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), which states that 90% of estate agents questioned agreed that homes and apartments with wood flooring consistently sell more quickly and for a higher price than those with alternative flooring such as carpets, even in today’s sluggish financial climate.

With a wider range of eco-friendly hardwoods available than ever before and with green economy at the forefront of both media and the consumer’s mind, there would appear to be no reason to choose anything other than hardwood flooring. It can be said that real wood flooring has never really dropped out of popularity. But now it is no longer exclusive to luxury homes and commercial premises. Any home, from a modest studio apartment to a large family home, can enjoy the luxury of real wood flooring at cost effective prices.

An asset in any home

Real wood is versatile and the texture, colour and veneer can be changed to suit the homeowner’s preference. People can now choose to have a rustic farmhouse-style oak floor in the kitchen, elegant mahogany in the lounge and light, bright pine for the children’s rooms. High traffic areas also benefit greatly from the installation of wood flooring and can be robustly finished to cope with constant footfall or heavy furniture.

A general rule of thumb is that the lighter the wood the lighter the footfall should be. For example beech and pine are popular for bedrooms and conservatories whereas the darker oak, mahogany and teak are ideal for hallways and living rooms. Add a little extra warmth in the bathroom with cork or bamboo flooring, or for additional brightness you can jazz up the floor in children’s rooms by adding a colourful throw rug featuring a favourite cartoon character.

Health benefits

No article on the assets of wood flooring would be complete without reiterating the health benefits of this type of flooring. Ideal for asthma and anyone who suffers from allergies or breathing difficulties, hardwood flooring harbours no dust mites and is super easy to clean.

In the UK alone it is estimated that a staggering 2 ½ million children currently use inhalers due to an allergy to dust mites in carpets. No matter how clean a carpet is kept, in the space of just 6 months it will have doubled its original weight with the build-up of dust, dead skin cells and dirt particles your vacuum cleaner cannot eliminate. A wooden floor is much easier to keep spotlessly clean, making it both practical and more hygienic than carpeting.

Ease of maintenance

Wood flooring is easy to clean and to maintain, and properly cared for hardwood flooring will last for many years. When the time comes and the floor begins to look a little dull then a professional wood floor sanding job will work wonders without having to change the whole floor.

To sell or not to sell?

Whether you are looking to sell in the near future or whether you are in your home for years, choose hardwood flooring and you and your family will enjoy luxurious living for many years to come. Don’t wait to sell before installing wood flooring. Enjoy the benefits of hardwood flooring throughout your home and you will be glad you did.



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