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London Homeowners can achieve a Perfect Finish on Solid Wood Flooring

Posted on August 4th, 2013 In: Floor Sanding News, News

London homeowners who are lucky enough to own a solid wood floor appreciate that the challenge is not only to achieve but also to maintain that glowing finish. That means a regular maintenance programme of simple cleaning and a little day-to-day consideration to avoid bumps, scrapes and scores on the wood.

Perfect Finish on Solid Wood FlooringBut there may well come a time when even the best maintained floor suffers from dullness and general lack of sparkle. This doesn’t, however, always mean a costly outlay in terms of a complete refurbishment. Depending upon the condition of the floor, the amount of natural light it receives and whether the floor is located in a busy London family home, a quiet pied-a-terre or somewhere in between, the lustre can often be returned without the need for a total renovation.

Be fair to your floor

Give the floor a careful inspection. This means in full daylight but sunlight glare should be avoided. Shade over-bright areas so that the floor is evenly and naturally lit throughout and check the traffic path for signs of wear and tear. A floor is meant to be walked on and no matter how careful one tries to be there is always opportunity for small blemishes to appear which can dull the effect through time. But you may notice that certain areas tend to be subject to heavier wear than others.

A common problem with a lacklustre floor is not that the whole floor is dull, but that the shine no longer uniformly covers the floor. Often obvious traffic marks are visible from one end of the room to the other with the perimeter and spots under rugs etc. remaining shiny and new.

However other common causes of patchy veneer are a botched final coat or if the floor has been spot-repaired. If this describes the current condition of your London floor sanding company then you can hire a buffing machine and screen off the topmost coat of finishing and apply a new coat.

A successfully restored floor is one in which every layer has been expertly applied from sanding through to the final topcoat. So if you know the base of your floor requires attention then do not waste your time or effort in re-doing only the topmost layer as it will give you a few months (at most) of shiny surface before the old patchy dullness seeps through again.

Assuming the best then, let us say that your floor requires only a new topcoat. Make sure you adhere exactly to the guidelines of application. Never ‘make do’ and use an applicator which is ‘almost as good’ as the one the manufacturer recommends. High quality lambs wool applicators and lint-free cloths ensure no material gets caught up in the finish. Never ever use finishing which is old and always mix well. If you are opting for a matt finish then blending in is particularly important, as matt products tend to be bottom-heavy. If the finish is not correctly mixed it will result in a less than perfect shine.

Refinishing a large room

London Homeowners can achieve a Solid Wood FlooringIn this case it is always better to blend the finishing all at once in a big container. This ensures that the sheen will be exactly the same from start to finish. Another good idea is to make sure the floor has been evenly sanded throughout so the finish turns out evenly. This means the entire floor should have received its final sanding with the same grain of paper, otherwise the edges of the room (which will have been hand sanded as opposed to machine sanded) will always have a different shine from the rest of the floor.

As an amateur doing a screening yourself, it is a false economy to try to wash and save the applicator should you need to use it again – in say, two or three years’ time. Applicators always work best first time and unless you are a professional wood floor specialist, best advice would be to buy new each time you want to apply a finishing.



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