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Refinish or Reseal Hardwood Floors

Posted on February 20th, 2013 In: News

For hardwood floors which have suffered typical wear and tear over a few years of not-too-heavy usage and are generally well maintained then a viable option to a complete refinishing could be a screen and reseal method. This achieves a refinished look without the fuss or expense of a complete refinishing.Wood Floor Sanding Company in London

Screen and reseal brings back the shine and lustre of naturally dulled hardwood flooring and can be achieved without too much difficulty. On average the screen and reseal process costs about 33% less than a total refurbishment, but it is not suitable for badly damaged floors or floors which have been covered by decades of carpeting or lino. If you would like to know whether your floor can benefit from a screen and reseal you can take advantage of the opinions of a professional floor sanding company that offers a no-obligation quotation. Getting the views of a specialist wood floor restorer before deciding on your next step is a sound investment.

Screen and reseal – the process

 Rather than a drum or belt sanding machine, this process involves buffing that will roughen the topmost veneer of the floor. This is in order for any stains or marks to be removed: for example blobs of paint, chewing gum, glue etc can all be unstuck using the buffing method. Small scratches such as those caused by the buckle of a child’s shoe or the claws of a puppy or kitten can also be successfully eradicated by this method.

If however your floor has deep ruts, gouges, marks or any of the boards are seriously damaged or rotted then it will require a complete refurbishment to bring it back to its beautiful best. If your floor has original woodstain that you would like to remove completely and/or change then this too will require refurbishment.

In short, screen and reseal is good for flooring that is:

a)    Not badly damaged

b)    To retain its original look and veneer

If you feel your floor could be borderline you would be advised to seek professional advice.

The process for screen and reseal is a thorough buffing with an industrial polishing machine before reapplication and resealing of the original finishing. For example, if your floor was originally finished in clear varnish then the resealing process would only be successful if you use that same finishing. If you would like to change the look of the floor even slightly then resealing is not for you.

Resealing comes into its own if the boards have a greyish look about them. This generally indicates that dampness is being allowed to penetrate the boards, which can cause long-term damage and rot. Resealing makes the floor damp-proof again although it is recommended that a floor undergoes a resealing process every 5 years to keep the wood healthy and beautiful.

Whatever your floor requires, the best piece of advice is always to take the long view. Resealing is cost effective only if that is what the floor requires, not as a stop-gap or to delay a refurbishment.

Hardwood floor sanding is a real asset to any home and as much should be maintained to allow it to be enjoyed by family and guests, and as a financial asset should you wish to sell your home in the future.

If you are unsure of anHardwood Floors Sanding and Polishing Company in Londony aspect of resealing your wood floor it could be costly mistake to attempt such work without the right knowledge. Take advice from the professionals before weighing up the cost of resealing against the cost of a total refurbishment. If you have a reasonable knowledge of carpentry you may be well placed to do the job yourself, but otherwise play safe and have your floor resealed by experts.



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