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The Advantages of Laminate

Posted on November 23rd, 2012 In: News, Wood Floor Repairs News

Why choose new laminate?

For those who are looking for the very best in style and quality flooring without the heavy price tag, consider luxurious laminate. New laminates look more like real wood than ever before and the toughness and durability that is the trademark of laminate flooring ensures years of faithful service. Wood Floor Repair in London

When it first became a popular flooring option, laminate was manufactured primarily in pine, oak and mahogany giving you three colour options; light, dark and in-between. These were pretty much the only choices offered. Within the last five years however, the laminate industry has really opened up and consumers can now enjoy a wider range of styles and colours than ever before.

For an authentic rustic look, tailor-made central medallions or edging, or even a luxurious pseudo-parquet design, laminates offer a huge selection of styles that emulate the tile effect of traditional hardwood parquet or any type of hard wood floor design at a fraction of the cost.

If the room you are flooring tends to be a little on the dark side, then it can be brightened by choosing a reflective light colour laminate such as beech, pine or ash. If the room already receives sufficient natural light then an air of elegant intimacy can be added by selecting a darker laminate such as oak, rosewood or walnut. To bring extra warmth in to a cold room the best colours to choose are rich mahogany, teak or cherry.

With new laminate flooring the possibilities are endless and with little or no restrictions one can, by choosing high grade laminate flooring, have the flooring to compliment any style of room at an affordable price.

Minimal maintenance

Before deciding on laminate flooring remember that laminate is a synthetic product made from pressed resin and fibre board. It is not ‘real’ wood as such. Laminate therefore must not be treated as one would treat a real wood floor. For example, laminates should never be top-coated with wax, oil or any type of real wood finishing product. Laminate flooring is easy to maintain, requiring just soft brushing or vacuuming twice a week with washing between 4 – 6 weeks. Never over-wet laminate as this will lead to serious warping and in some cases the veneer will curl off the edge of the board. If this happens there is no solution other than to replace the board.

Depending upon which type of laminate you purchase, warranties can extend to 10 or 15 years within proper usage, care and maintenance. It is always a good idea to check that any new flooring is covered by household insurance too.

Unlike many real woods, laminate flooring is pretty much tough as old boots! Unless irreparable damage occurs such as holes made by stiletto heels, surface removal caused by an over-inquisitive puppy or some serious gouging, chances are that laminate flooring will last the a good length of time, looking as good as it did when it was first laid.

Easy to DIY

For those who would like to try DIY installation, laminate is much easier to lay than real wood floor repair. Laminate is versatile and can therefore be laid over a concrete base without installing a subfloor. Laminate can also be laid over tile, linoleum and basically any damp-free, even base without undue worry.

Depending upon which type of laminate you buy, the boards may have to be glued to one another, but the newest laminate systems are manufactured with easy snap together bevelled edging with no adhesive required.

Proven to be healthier than carpets, rugs and mats the new style laminates are even more popular than before. And with the price tag remaining affordable it is no wonder a high percentage of UK homeowners are turning to laminate flooring as the beautiful and cost effective alternative to real wood.



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