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The Care and Maintenance of Bamboo Flooring

Posted on August 21st, 2013 In: Floor Sanding News, News

The most common method of manufacturing bamboo flooring is to mechanically compress bamboo strands, woven together for extra durability, into pressed floor boards. This way of creating wood planking allows for a variety of mixing techniques and colours that are just not possible with other wood types. Because the bamboo fibres are crushed down contrasting colours and strand lengths can be blended in for a unique flooring style. Bamboo flooring which is made from woven strands of material is beautiful as well as versatile, and promises to give many years of service if proper care and maintenance is carried out.

Bamboo Flooring Maintenance Bamboo planks which have been created by fibres which have not been woven together will be more delicate, will scratch more easily and will ultimately require more specialist maintenance and care. Homeowners with a delicate bamboo floor should therefore be mindful of the damage which can easily be caused by children’s toys, heels and pets’ claws.

Most bamboo floors have been finished with either urethane or aluminium (oxide) urethane products. If your bamboo floor is in need of some care and repair but you are unsure as to which finishing has been applied to your floor you should consider a free quotation from a wood floor specialist company who can advise you on the best route to follow.

Care for your bamboo flooring

The unique construction of bamboo flooring means that it needs different care than that of other types of solid wood flooring. A basic cleaning routine requires nothing more than a soft-bristled brush or dust mop two or three times weekly to take away small particles of grit and dust. Debris, however minute, left on the floor will, within a very short time, dull the natural sheen of the bamboo and cause scores and scratches on the boards as the grit is walked in.

Bamboo flooring can be vacuumed using the attachment nozzle. Do not push a vacuum cleaner across bamboo flooring. With regular sweeping and dry mopping the floor should only require a gentle vacuuming every other month or so.

To aid the longevity of your bamboo floor sanding protect it from strong sunlight, which will tarnish and discolour the wood through time. Lined curtains can also help with this problem as can pull-down blinds and shades. Over-exposure to sunlight will cause the bamboo to become darker in patches and lighter in others, especially if your floor has mixed fibres.

Make good use of rugs, doormats and furniture protectors, which will also help minimise scuffs and scrapes. Never walk on bamboo flooring with heels or allow guests to do so. Take care if using wheeled furniture such as trolleys or toys.

Keep things fresh by moving the furniture every few months or so; this helps with both over-exposure and natural wear and tear. Never slide furniture, always lift. Cats and dogs should have claws trimmed regularly.

Depending upon the natural humidity a good idea is to use a (de)humidifier to maintain a steady level. This helps to reduce floor board movement and gaps.

Care and Maintenance of Bamboo Flooring Try to avoid wetting the floor whilst cleaning and wipe away any spillages as soon as they occur. Puddling water will soak down through the wood fibres and cause the boards to swell from underneath.

Should you choose to use a cleaning product on your bamboo floor select one which has been specifically designed for purpose. Avoid any products which contain abrasives, detergents or bleach.

Regular maintenance should be enough to keep bamboo flooring in pristine condition but for stubborn stains and marks it is best to seek professional wood flooring advice.



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