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The Future of Wood Flooring

Posted on February 14th, 2013 In: News, Wood Floor Repairs News

With an ever rising percentage of world population more eco-aware the future of real wood flooring leans naturally towards sustainably sourced hard and softwoods. By choosing wood that has been sourced from responsibly supplied material, customers know they are helping, not hindering, the world’s trees and natural elements.Floor Sanding and Restoration Company In London

Because there is something very beautiful about a shiny and new real wood floor many homeowners would love to have such an asset, but are perhaps put off by the possible detriment to the planet. So using eco-sound wood products offers consumers the joy of real wood flooring without feeling they are causing unnecessary environmental damage.

It is essential therefore when choosing a real wood provider to choose a company that has a proven track record in sourcing sustainable wood types and purchase only from legitimate and certified companies.

It is becoming common for conscientious wood floor sanding london companies to buy only from governmentally run pre-planted forest areas. Indonesia in particular has spearheaded an initiative of creating properly certified timber outlets and it is hoped that the rest of South East Asia will follow suit.

Thinking for today, planning for tomorrow

 When deciding on a new wood floor, customers should be in no doubt as to the origin and logging procedures of any timber purchased. Eco-aware companies are eager to offer customers a timeline from when and where the wood was felled, the age of the trees, proof of crop maintenance and authentically stamped to say that the wood has been responsibly sourced. This traceable timeline should include all processing and shipping details. This information becomes invaluable for customers and UK retail outlets that genuinely care for our environment.

In a nutshell, responsibly sourced real wood is timber that is farmed with due diligence and with as little as possible impact upon the environment. Any reputable timber provider should also guarantee, and produce evidence of, a no-waste policy from start to finish. The no-waste policy should include evidence that every part of the tree has been used to best effect, with the trunk in its entirety used for manufacture. Secondary products such as sawdust, leafage and tree bark should be used as fuel for kilns and heating. Leafage can also be used as animal fodder. Residual material should be recycled into bio-fuel products.

The constant evolution of technology means that new and innovative methods of harvesting sustainable real wood are regularly being discovered. Whilst the general modus operani is much better than it was say a decade ago, this is no reason for the industry to rest on its laurels! Sustainability can and is constantly being improved in the quest for high-grade real woods without damage to the planet. As processes refine an additional plus point for consumers is that more cost-effective processes are also being found.

Quality UK wood flooring companies are therefore vigilant in using suppliers that meet all criteria as well as those who are, like them, forging ahead to discover new and more efficient ways of bringing real wood flooring to the consumer without negative impact on the planet.

In the worlDust Free Floor Sanding Services in Londond today no industry can afford to stay still and the real wood flooring industry is no different. Recognising that the implementation of sustainable wood products guarantees new wood floor sanding for generations to come as well as keeping the industry itself alive, responsible wood flooring companies will go the extra distance to ensure quality and responsibly sourced hard and softwood flooring for their customers. To do anything different is to allow the industry to go the way of other dying trades and become no more than a testament to days gone by.



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