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Why Choose Wood?

Posted on October 3rd, 2012 In: Hardwood Floors Sanding News, News

Its official: wood is the most sustainable and eco-friendly flooring solution on the market today. The latest annual study by the National Wood Flooring Association proves that trees as a raw material are harvested and replanted in cycles and are therefore the best renewable source of material on the planet.

However as everyone knows this was not the case 50 years ago, when trees were indiscriminately cut down for a whole host of commercial reasons. But things have moved on since them. People and governments have educated themselves to nurture the environment and protect our tree species and animal life.

Two to One

The latest UK Department of Agriculture figures prove there are, on a worldwide level, more trees planted than are harvested at a ratio of almost 2:0. So for every one tree used two new trees are planted. This means that consumers can have their hardwood flooring of choice with a clear eco conscience.

Wooden floors can and should last a lifetime if properly cared for. This longevity means that trees planted in 2012 for example will not require to be harvested for 100 years. Most hardwoods take between 50 – 60 years to properly mature so we are bang ahead with the numbers. Consider too that at the end of its long life the wood can be used as fuel or otherwise recycled, making it environmentally sustainable and economically viable right to the end.

Regular maintenance

The key of course in keeping these figures accurate is the care and maintenance of the flooring. A hardwood floor, professionally laid, requires routine maintenance and cleaning to keep its elegant good looks. If consumers are willing to spend a little time and effort in maintaining their hardwood floors they will reap enormous benefits, not least of which is a definite improvement in the quality of indoor air. Wood is carbon neutral (meaning it has a zero carbon footprint) and creates oxygen throughout its lifespan, storing carbon during its life as your floor.

Protect the lifespan of wood floors with regular cleaning. Small particles of grit, sand and dirt will, if not cleaned up quickly, become ground in and trailed around, ultimately damaging the wood. When vacuuming the floor choose a cylinder rather than an upright cleaner. Excessive sunlight can also damage the boards, as can pet urine. Avoid water damage too by clearing up spillages immediately and only use a well wrung out mop to wash your floor with. Never leave puddles of water on a hardwood floor.

Gold medal for the UK timber industry

The UK timber industry has an ethos which helped the Olympic Delivery Authority achieve their target of 100% certified sustainable wood (red cedar) used in the building of the fantastic Velodrome for the 2012 Olympic Games. The UK is the first Olympic host to have met this target, for which the UK timber industry deserves their own gold medal!

Enjoy your floor

Beautiful hardwood flooring brings warmth and style to any home and will last, if properly cared for, for many, many years. Hardwood flooring brings obvious benefits such as cleaner air and the permanent exile of the dust mite pest, which is great news for sufferers of allergies. For those who have under floor heating, engineered wood flooring solutions and underlay are ideally designed to offer an even transfer of heat.

Hardwood flooring is timeless, elegant and suits any type of room. All of the hardwoods, in particular oak, enjoy a durability that doesn’t come with any other floor covering. Real wood flooring is desirable, fashionable and will add value to any home. But it is also nice to know that you can now have a wood floor of choice without it being detrimental to the planet.



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