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Latest Technology Helps with Wood Floor Renovation

Posted on March 25th, 2013 In: Wood Floor Renovations News

At the latter end of 2012, American DIY giants Home Depot introduced a franchising opportunity for wood flooring professionals across the US and Canada to grab a stake of their innovative Lightspeed wood floor finishing service. This process saves contractors and homeowners’ time by shaving off as much as 10 days from the start-to-end procedure of hardwood floor refurbishment including the sealing (also known as curing) and finishing.

Floor Sanding and RestorationLightspeed works by utilising a walk-through machine, sized and shaped not unlike a sander, upon which is installed a UV light at the bottom end that shines directly on to the floor and the machine is walked along the boards effecting an instant drying and finishing process. Due to the sizeable reduction of waiting time, it is now possible to have a medium-sized floor fully refurbished in a single day.

How it works

Most people will be familiar with UV light in tanning machines and in dental filling and capping work, but did you know UV light is also used in forensic science and to detect counterfeit currency? These powerful ultraviolet light beams are useful in so many ways and are a great boost to technology and just as it works by affixing dental sealant on a tooth, so it also seals wood floors, making them instantly protected and strengthened.

The advantages

This new innovation is both dust and odour-free; a huge plus point for homes with allergy sufferers and young children. There is also no need to remove fixtures and fittings in terms of skirtings and door frames, although for safety’s sake one would of course be wise to take away all fixtures that can be removed without too much trouble.

If a wood floor has specific wear and tear or damage in patches, these can be spot-renovated without the need to treat the entire floor. Floors refinished by UV light are also lasting longer than the current 8-10 years from traditionally finished hardwoods.

The Lightspeed UV light process is completely harmless and contains zero toxins (emitting nil VOCs) therefore children and pets can safely play on the floor minutes after treatment.

The disadvantages

In fact there really is only one caveat in using this process and that is cost. This new technology is more expensive than traditional wood floor renovation, and whether the benefits and convenience of the process makes it worthwhile to a homeowner will largely depend upon budget.

However Lightspeed is such an innovation it would be a pity to pass it by without researching costings. Professional Floor Sanding Companies should be able to give a free estimate on using this technology on your floor space.

Will all floors be finished this way?

Floor Sanding RenovationIt’s hard to tell at the onset and like all technological pioneering, it is possible that the Lightspeed will be further enhanced and streamlined over the coming years. However it is extremely likely that the Lightspeed know-how will play a huge part in the restoration of wood floors in the future.

UV light technology can also be used to refinish wooden furniture and  bars, sauna rooms, decking and pool and hot-tub surrounds can all benefit from this dust-free no-nonsense technology. Eco-aware homeowners will be delighted to know that this form of technology is 100% environmentally friendly and contains zero toxins. The process is completely sustainable to and renovations will last many years with only basic cleaning and minimal maintenance.

One to watch

If there is a better way of rejuvenating hardwood flooring then it is likely that the Lightspeed technique is it and as such is climbing higher on the consumer hit list for wood floor refinishing.



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