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Wood Flooring has come a Long Way

Posted on September 19th, 2012 In: Floor Sanding and Finishing News, News

Since the beginning of the 20th century  business people have understood that real wood flooring offers a polished and professional image which  they were looking for in their office, factories and retail premises. Banks, shops, showrooms, restaurants and bars have historically been the subliminal forerunners of the hardwood floor business.

Of course now with wood flooring alternatives such as floating floors and laminates driving the cost of a new look floor down it is no wonder people have moved the accent on the wooden floor from the commercial to the domestic. Now today there are millions of UK homes  enjoying tremendous health and aesthetics benefits of hardwood and laminate flooring.

We can go so far as to say the surging popularity of laminate has given homeowners a taste for wood floor living and the knock-on effect from this seems to be that more people are thinking of getting back to grass roots in terms of flooring and are moving towards the complete restoration of original floorboards. Many older style homes built between 1900 – 1960 have beautiful, if neglected, floorboards hiding quietly under carpets, rugs and underlay.

If you have enjoyed floating laminate for a few years and are ready to try the real McCoy then what better time to restore your wood floor than now – when the health benefits are fully known? Apart from which professional restoration of flooring saves the planet too and will last you for a lifetime.

Wooden floors are not only beautiful they are also holistically healthy, eco-friendly and cost effective. Once the restorative process has been carried out you need only clean and maintain to receive ongoing health benefits.

Get rid of carpets say NHS
A recent NHS report* on allergies, asthma and their prevention advocate the removal and careful disposal of carpets and rugs which act as a breeding ground for dust mites and spores. Pets are guilty too as their skin flakes can remain airborne and alive for much longer than can humans.

Whilst we may remain attached to our pets, removing a carpet is much less traumatic and the better option. Laminate does provide the cheaper option and one which may be beneficial if you want wood flooring without delay. However after a year or so of living with laminate and enjoying the improved health of asthma and allergy sufferers in your home you may wish at that point to either lay a hardwood floor or alternatively restore your original wood flooring.

You can do it – with a little help
If you are thinking these tasks seem huge – well they can be if you are not in the business but fortunately there are professional wood floor specialists out there who will do the job for you cost-effectively, professionally and safely.

Wood flooring comes with so many benefits with the health advantages sitting, of course, in pole position. There are so many reason why you and your family will love your wood floor and with the hyper-allergenic plus point there seems little or no reason not to switch. If you are concerned about any aspect of either the restoration of your wood floor or the purchase of a new one, please speak to a professional floor sanding company in the know who will always ensure any wood purchases come from sustainable sources and only from countries who are active members of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Returning your home to natural wood flooring should not cost the earth, and with professionals on side, it won’t.



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