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Feeling Comfortable with Sustainable Wood Products

Posted on July 10th, 2013 In: News, Wood Floor Sanding

Sustainable wood issues and concerns are a well-trodden path and it is essential to highlight new innovations and processes as they occur in order to raise awareness. Consumers can then make an informed decision as to what type of wood best fits in with their own ethos of considered environmentalism, and how to choose suppliers who take a proactive approach to sustainability and forest management.

Sustainable Wood FloorsReal wood speaks of a timeless elegance no other natural produce can equal, making this just one of the many reasons why solid wood products are such a desirable commodity. Flooring, wall paneling, furniture, ornaments, utensils as well as car and yacht interiors and trim which are sourced from real wood have always been highly sought after to enhance quality products.

With the rise in popularity of timber framed homes, wood is in more demand than ever before, but with supply increasingly unable to meet demand clearly something had to give.

The solution – real sustainability

End-user sourcing of eco-friendly wood products is an unworkable and clunky model which is open to flaw from the get-go. Thus the cost of many eco-friendly and recycled products has swollen to ridiculous levels, leaving the customer little option but to continue using old style products simply because they are cheaper.

When it comes to larger purchases such as sold wood floor sanding the Scandinavian countries have lead the way by planting out huge areas of softwood trees such as birch, pine and Douglas fir. In addition to growing more quickly than their hardwood cousins, these softwoods are easier on the environment, less expensive and, despite their name, are resilient and robust. Softwood flooring material is a less expensive and attractive alternative to oak, teak and other popular hardwoods.

Forest sustainability is obtained by a constant replanting programme and with every part of the tree being used once felled. Wood is widely used across industries including construction, manufacture and leisure bringing the end-user beautiful wood products that do not cost the earth.

In addition to industry value, sustainable forests provide scenic natural resources which bring year-round tourists and day visitors to the area, making it the responsibility of all of us to ensure workable sustainability continues within the world’s forests.

Sustainability in luxury products

Modern manufacturing methods mean that more wood than ever is recyclable, and prestige cars which have gone with a retro feel with 1920s style wood dashboard and trims can offer fine workmanship to customers with a clear conscience.

Similarly homeowners can enjoy refurbished wood flooring with even damaged flooring being repaired or replaced by sustainable means.

Solid wood products speak of tradition, beauty and elegance and a beautifully maintained wood floor is always a talking point when visitors come to call. The key to managing wood flooring is a good maintenance programme and, once refurbished, any type of solid wood flooring will last for many years to come.

Feeling Comfortable with Hardwood Flooring Floor InstallationHomeowners who are delighted to discover an aging wood floor below carpets or when undertaking loft conversions can restore, repair and replace planks whilst retaining the original wood as far as possible. Blending new planking into an existing floor need not be a difficult process and should the wood be of a difficult-to-match variety there is the option of contacting a local wood floor specialist who will be able to help find that perfect match.

Alternatively wood stain can effectively change the color of any type of wood and with various hand scraped and distressed options available too, homeowners have more ways than ever before to have the floor they want both sustainable and cost effectively.



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